Dear Feet

Dear Feet,
Why, oh why, hast thou betrayed me? You were like a part of me..oh wait..you ARE a part of me and something is strangely amiss. I know I should not have ignored you those long winter months when you were jammed into socks, more socks, and big stinky snow boots. But you were well hidden and protected so as long as you kept me upright, I pretty much took you for granted. Now, as summer finally has made it to my fair state, I’m noticing something very, very disturbing….
..you look like hell.
Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your ability to navigate my fat tail from place to place, and you enable me to occasionally look stylish in shoes. BUT something drastic happened somewhere around the seventh month of my last pregnancy. I have vague memories of your normal appearance, but now..well..you look like something that should be on the end of Bilbo Baggin’s legs. Shrek has better looking tootsies than you.
So I desperately try to repair the damaged done. But the cracks in my heels the size of the Grand Canyon are defying any conventional creams or ointments. And Gawd help me, what’s up with the hairy toes? That’s one place I never thought I’d have to shave. So I struggle, buff, scrub, lotion, and cajole my sad feets. I even attempted to “pretty you up” with hot pink polish. But the day I was dabbing Flaming Cotton Candy Surprise on your toenails, my beloved spouse sidled by, took one look and commented, “toenail polish? Isn’t that like putting lipstick on a pig??”.
Yes, he is still alive and well (limping, but alive).
Pedi-Egg here I come.

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10 thoughts on “Dear Feet

  1. Time for a pedicure. I had the same problem post-pregnancy. One pedicure and things were back to normal.

  2. Visiting from SITS!

    I totally feel like this once summer rolls around too because all I’ve worn is tennie shoes!

  3. That’s what summer’s for…to take care of your little ol’ piggies! Stopping by from SITS to Share the Comment Love…

  4. ROFL! This is great! I so would love a pedicure. But, yikes, I just blogged about my horrific foot injury from this week so I should wait until I can walk again before letting anyone even touch my foot.

    I’ve been on and off mini-vacations since the first week of May. I’m looking forward to catching up here. Keep blogging!


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 Your comment on running made me laugh. I have a pink pedi-egg…I think it’s the Revlon brand one. My feet are pretty bad off too, and I bet they’ll be even worse once I start *trying* to run. 😉

  6. “toenail polish? Isn’t that like putting lipstick on a pig??”.

    Too funny! I’m sorry. I had to laugh:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  7. Kick your beloved in the ass with one of those lipsticked piggies!!

    My second toe looks EXACTLY like ET. If John even attempts to mock my little alien piggy, he can PHONE HIS ASS HOME!!


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