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“The Tracker”

They say parents need eyes in the back of their heads. This has never has this been more true than with our youngest. Our last born, forever “the baby”, and full blown into her Toddler Years, she is 30 pounds of piss in vinegar. She’s like the ocean…you never want to turn your back on her.

It was just a few evenings ago, I think I was doing something crazy and cutting-edge like cooking dinner when our youngest strolled by.

“Hi Mommy” she sweetly then disappeared. I didn’t give it a second thought until, moments later, the voice piped up again behind me.

“Mommy. I make mess”.

I turn quickly and what do I see? I see a tell-tale trail of brown footprints starting and my wee ones little tootsies, leading down the hall, then into bathroom.

What the HECK??!!

I follow the trail like an good tracker should and , lo and behold, the evidence was right before my eyes….right next to an abandoned Pull-Up.

Let me just say…it wasn’t mud…and it wasn’t pudding. I’ll let your powers of deduction tell the rest of the story for me.

Now where the heck are my Lysol wipes?

And yes, I did throw up a little in my mouth.
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12 thoughts on ““The Tracker”

  1. I’m…so…sorry!!!

    And we were going to have chocolate ice cream tonight. Now I don’t know if I’m in the mood…

    Hope your life since the mess incident has been much, much better!

  2. Wow! After reading that I feel like taking a long bath. Good luck with the kids especially the pissy one! : )

  3. ughhhhh i hate those days….i swear they should send mother’s home with haz mat suits from the hospital instead of diaper bags!

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