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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Hi, it’s me Jakey-D. You know, your kid.

I just wanted to say “sorry” for being a pain in your rear today…and last night.. and the night before. I know I am supposed to be extra good when Daddy’s gone hunting…

..but I just forgot.

Kinda like I forgot there’s not supposed to be rocks in the tub. I also kinda forgot the part about, if I dig a big “tumungous” hole in the back yard, I should fill it up so you don’t step in it and break a leg.

You said if that happened, Daddy might ship you to the glue factory.

I am not sure what that means……

..but thanks for filling in the hole for me. I really was trying to dig a trap for a squirrel.

I’m am kinda sorry too I told you I wanted chicken for supper, than changed my mind to “Tubby Toast” (peanut butter toast). I know I changed my mind after you cooked the chicken, but you gotta eat too, right?

I’d like to say I am sorry too that I heckled you half the afternoon about buying a Star Wars Lego Set. I just want it real bad.

You said I have to earn it by being really good while Daddy is gone. You said you would give me a star for every day Dad is gone. I think you said the star is worth money. Cool.

But I want it NOW. Like tomorrow.

You told me to be patient.

I am not sure what that means, but it sounds like it will take a long time. Not cool.

Did I mention I want it now?

I am “writing” this from my room where I’ve been sent..again. You said if I keep this up, not only will I get no stars, but I will be “in the hole”.

I think that means I will owe YOU money…but I just wanna make sure you are not referring to the hole I dug in the backyard.

It’s only squirrel sized after all.

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13 thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. Kids are so instant gratification that it’s impossible to work with. Ya gotta love ’em anyhow but dang it, they push buttons!

  2. Oh, sounds like a GREAT day for you! NOT. Sorta like what’s going on lately around here… :/

  3. I have to agree with Spot On My Pants. The glue could possibly be the quiet time I’ve been craving….

  4. How well I remember how difficult it was when my kids were little and my husband was out of town. *sigh* Hang in there. Jakey D is lucky you understand him so well.

  5. Tubby toast! 🙂 “It’s me, you now, you’re kid.” LOL And the Star Wars set does sound pretty cool.

  6. Oh, Jakey D. sigh. Give your mom a break – it’s tough when Dad’s hunting. That Star Wars Lego set would be totally worth it. Seriously.

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