A Tooth Fairy with a Bad Memory

Forgive this short post today for I am waddling about my house in a haze of sleep deprivation. It’s been a week of snot, crying, and fevers. Some people call it Flu Season..in my house we call it The Hell Months.

So last night I finally get the chance to sleep. Like all night. It was crazy awesome.

The problem was I woke at 3 a.m with a sinking feeling I had forgotten to do something.

CRAP…I was supposed to be the Tooth Fairy! CrapCrapCrap!!

So I fumble for my purse and then realize….I don’t have change.

Double CRAP!

I fumble for my hubby’s wallet. Crap! Doesn’t anybody in this house have a stinkin ONE?

Then I realize , I can’t remember how much $$ we gave for the LAST tooth!

Is it improper to wake one’s spousal unit to ask such a question? At 3 a.m?

I thought so. Good thing I didn’t. Even though, it would have been a nice payback (wtf?)

Despite all the a.m drama..the bottom line is..mission accomplished.

Our son is gonna either think he won the lottery…

…or think the Tooth Fairy is one cheap S.O.B.

And I am off to create a Tooth Fairy Spread Sheet.



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20 thoughts on “A Tooth Fairy with a Bad Memory

  1. oh, we’ve had tooth fairy trouble at our house too. One night the same thing happened. I woke up with a start and remembered that I forgot to leave the money. The tooth fairy didn’t put her glasses on and accidentally left a $10 instead of a $1! Our son thought that was great, I tried to get him to change me for a crisp one dollar bill, but he wouldn’t have any part of it! Thanks for the memories!!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Very funny and cute! It’s funny how we can wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling we forgot something!! Toothfairy isn’t on my list of duties quite yet though!!

  3. This happened in our house on numerous occasions. Many times that wily tooth fairy put the money inside the pillowcase where the girls didn’t think to look. 😉

  4. I am happy to report to my Royal Peeps that when Prince Jakey-D looked under his pillow that morning he hollared “COOL! Two whole bucks! Same as last time!”
    Whew! Dodged a bullet…again 🙂

  5. so one time I lost a tooth a grandmas house and grandma was gonne be nice and be tooth fairy so she put money under the pillow, dad didn’t know gave me money, and mom didnt know gave me money, when I woke up and was freaking cause I had so much money mom was like..hmm where did you get all htat money I only put $2 under there..needless to say I found out the tooth fairy wasn’t real and made out like a bandit with money..haha

  6. I’ve actually taken to giving Suvi a piece of old jewelery one time because I couldn’t find money in the middle of the night! LOL!

    Being a mom is tough. Being an exhausted mom is brutal. Being an exhausted mom and trying to play tooth fairy at 3am deserves a medal.

    Hope it all works out and hope you catch some sleep.

  7. We do the $1.00 Hello Kitty toys from Target instead of money. I have a stash in my office. Six-year-old still does not have the concept that these junk $1 Hello Kitty toys are just a dollar…she thinks they are gold. I did the same for my older two.

  8. We messed up when my youngest lost his first tooth. Neither of us had any change and we gave him a 10. Not a good precident to set.

  9. Just like someone above, I would have probably been hitting up my son’s piggy bank, the only place that has cash in the whole house!

  10. Oh geez, looking for change for the toothfairy sucks. We are always scrambling when that happens.

  11. We forgot once and then we both realized it middle of the night not waking the other one so junior ended up with $8.00 under his pillow. Let’s say his older brother wasn’t impressed.

  12. A tooth fairy spread sheet is a pretty big task for a woman who’s only recently returned to diurnal living.
    Maybe start with jotting today’s tally on a Post-It, and DON’T LOSE THAT POST-IT!

  13. Hey at least you remembered! The Tooth Fairy’s come a day or two late several times at my house. And then pays top dollar out of guilt.

  14. I ‘borrowed’ tooth fairy funds from the very loser of the tooth’s piggy bank once. I paid it back, I did! But I know that desperation…

  15. In our house it’s $1 a tooth and $2 for molars and the tooth fairy is very unreliable, you’re lucky if she gets there inside 3 days, if at all. Eventually the kids took to waving the lost tooth in my general direction and then helping themselves to the cash.

  16. We aren’t there yet, but it would be great to know what the tooth fairy’s going rate is these days. I think a dollar is plenty. But I can understand if the Tooth Fairy hadn’t, uh….been to the ATM and didn’t have change! LOL!!

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