Christmas MeMe…Franticmommy Style

Ahhh…tis the season for togetherness, family, love, joy, and shopping with people who are sweating under heavy overcoats.

And you thought it was pine scent.

One of my uber-favs Pam at pamperspective did a great Christmas meme piece thanks to Karen at A Peek At Karens World. And her “Ubiquitous-Christmas-meme” was thanks to..well I am not sure. But it’s darn good idea. SO…here’s my Christmas meme…Franticmommy Style:

How are you feeling this Holiday Season?Frantic? Hurried? Stressed? Prepared?
Nope, yep, yep, nope

Christmas decorating is a big thing on every household list. Tell me, does your family do a lot of exterior Christmas lighting?
I’d love to partake in the tradition of over-the-top exterior lighting. But I’ve always been afraid I would end up like a Clark Griswold-esque character from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. You know, the roof scene……Icksnay on the Xmas light-tay.

The Holidays are a time for family gathering and cooking. Do you participate in group gatherings for baking? Umm….no. I seriously considered it once…then I realized how high the annoyance/disaster/aggravation ratio would be and quickly gave myself a wedgie. You know, to knock some sense into my head. I am more of a visit-the-bakery-kinda Christmas baker. In my neighborhood I am legendary for my hot-out-of-the-oven Oreos (hint: remove the plastic packaging before throwing the cookies in the oven. It melts and gives away your secret). Short answer; Negatory good buddy.

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Many many moons ago B.C (Before Children) I did carefree things like go to holiday craft shows and bake sales. One particularly blustery day, I was just leaving a bake sale and noticed a scruffy looking man standing by a stop sign. As I got closer I saw he had an equally scruffy dog, a duffel bag (yes it was scruffy), and a sign that said something along the lines of “No money-will work for food“. My heart went out to him. While the other cars in front of me were doing the I will pretend I don’t see you game or the “I’m not leaning over to lock my door..I’m just stretching” dance… I hatched a plan. I pulled up to him, rolled down my window and gave him every baked good I had. He didn’t say much. He didn’t have to. His gratitude-filled eyes said it all. I also have him my last $10. The dog was thrilled too and was really feelin the braided bread. I pulled away really, really glad I did that.
And then there was the time I got mad at the Christmas tree (it kept falling over and breaking my bulbs) so I chucked it out the backdoor. Still completely decorated. But maybe that’s not one of my prouder Christmas moments.

Now it’s YOUR turn!
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9 thoughts on “Christmas MeMe…Franticmommy Style

  1. Thanks for the shout out. You’re one of my uber-favs as well!

    I love the spin you put on the meme! Very clever. The vision of you chucking the tree out the back door is priceless. So is the one of you feeding the homeless man and his dog. I bet that’s one of his favorite Christmas memories too.

  2. You know, you’d think I have a car full of baked goods kind of story in my repetoire, but I actually don’t. I do definitely bake a lot this time of year to give gifts and all, but I don’t think it’s quite enough to fill up my car. Maybe. Thanks for visiting today.

  3. I am almost prepared for the holidays.

    It does feel good to help someone. We live in a small town so there is not much of that on the streets, but when we go away or visiting relatives my kids want to help every person with a sign, every street performer…so of course we can’t help them all, but we do try.It makes me so proud that my kids actually feel for these people and don’t look away or make fun of their misfortune.

  4. How AWESOME that you had a car full of baked goods to give away! That’s a really cool memory. The Christmas tree one, not so cool. LOL

    I may have to do this Christmas meme next week…after I join a baking group or something that makes me look like a real domesticated mom (or something.) HA! But…you’ll have to tell me if the wedgie thing really does knock some sense into your head. I’ve never (not that I remember, at least) tried that approach.


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