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Life’s Too Short


I was over snooping around at and came across this fabulous article from Lisa Quinn’s new book: Life is Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide To Domestic Liberation.

This is soooooo right up my alley! This book is going to have to be a must read for me. Lisa’s quirky humor is like a modern day Erma Bombeck. Me likes a good funny.

And it makes me think too. For me personally, it seems I have spent a tremendous amount of time over the years fussing and worrying about “what should be.”

I should be thin.

I should live on a lake.

I should have a better job……blah blah blah

It’s all bunk.

Doesn’t mean a hill of spit in the Big Picture of Life.

So from the Mommy Molehole I emerge, blinking at the world and rediscovering life like I’ve been in a seven year sleep. This is what I know:

Life is Too Short to buy any clothing that is not comfortable. As a card-carrying-member of the 24/7 Yoga Pants and Hoodie Club, I can assure you an Uncomfortable Mommy and is HellaCrabby Mommy. I go for comfort over fashion any day.
Life is Too Short to NOT read to your kids every night. I swear if I read Monkey Monkey’s Trick one more time, my head will blow off. HOWEVER the Season of Parenthood is fleeting and I need to suck it up and relish these moments. Reading to your ruggers is sooooooo important. Family time. Quality time. That’s what counts. Dancing With The Stars with just have to wait.

Life is Too Short to NOT have fabulous girlfriends. When you are blue, they will boost your spirits….or dislodge whatever is was you were choking on (making you blue. Get it?). From love and understanding, to the well-placed-but-gentle-time-to-quit-pouting-kick-in-the-pants, good girlfriends are indispensable.

Life is Too Short to fret about the state of your house. By state I don’t mean Minnesota, I mean tidiness. In my house you could probably eat off my floors..literally. As I type this (at the dining room table) I spy an abandoned French Fry, a mummified Fruit Snack, and an item that defies recognition. Yum. Bad housekeeper? NOPE. It just means I play with my kids. Anyone who doesn’t like that can just NOT visit me. Or chat on the front step (a trick my Mom used to use. Thanks Mom).

Life is Too Short to not laugh, and laugh often. Someone told me once if you hold back chuckles, it expands your hips. I just can’t take risk. I am chuckling as I write this. (I would be deliriously happy if it was really possible to “laugh your butt off”. Is there an app for that?”)

What do YOU think Life Is Too Short for???

Please share!

7 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short

  1. Love your posts! I can’t think of any other “Life is too short” answers, because you’ve covered them quite well! And also, it’s almost 1:00 am, my time, and I think I need to get some sleep! 🙂

  2. Life is too short to sit there and fold 6 loads of laundry, when you’re just going to wear them sooner or later. Throw them in the drawers, I say.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Life is too short to worry about getting everything done when it is impossible to ever, ever get everything done.

    I don’t fold sheets either. I take them off the bed, wash them, and put them right back on. 🙂

    Oh, and socks. I just dump them in my drawer.

  4. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Period. Even your family!

  5. Life is Too Short to not be at every one of your kid’s baseball games.

    If you have kids they are your career, not your supposed ‘job’.

  6. I agree! I have a friend who always talks about how her goal is to keep a perfectly clean house…just not worth it. My life is too short to spend it doing dishes. Bring on the paper plates!

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