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Spread the Word to End the Word: No More “R Word”

Spread the Word to End the Word: No More “R Word”

Zach & Kari Jo (the two kids in the intro) are friends of our and  I have watched these two grow from rugrats to two pretty amazing kids. Zach is now 18, had leukemia at 10 months old (recovered), has Downs, and is a HUGE sports fan like his Dad (“Go Timberwolves!”).

I am very proud of his big sister Kari Jo for spearheading the campaign to “Spread the Word to End The Word.”

I hope you all take the no more “R-Word” Pledge.

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6 thoughts on “Spread the Word to End the Word: No More “R Word”

  1. Becky, this is an excellent post, message, and video. Most people just spew out words, whatever is popular or common, without thinking of the harm those words cause. Thanks for spreading the good word!

  2. Franticmommy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and happy 2 year anniversary for your blog (or should I say 20)? 😉

    Thank you for reminding me about the R-word campaign. I took the pledge in March 2009 and blogged about it back then. I had also campaigned for it when I was on Twitter. (I have since closed out my account)… and had posted links on Facebook last year.

    This post prompted me to check Facebook and I found several groups that mentioned the R-word campaign. Sadly, a couple of them were bogus and linked to sites that are not the real R-word campaign.

    For anyone interested in linking up with the R-word campaign on Twitter or Facebook, the easiest way to be sure you are following the real campaign is to go the the website mentioned in the video on this post. From there, you can click on links to Facebook and Twitter.

    It saddens me that there are fake R-word campaign groups on Facebook. 🙁

    The good news is that recent legislation was passed by the Senate and was being hailed on the Facebook R-word page! The U.S. government has followed the recommendations of the Special Olympics regarding wording. 🙂

    Thank you for posting this!


  3. Very cool, thanks for sharing this. The video is well done. I’ve always been sensitive to this topic – somewhere along the line someone taught me that it’s not okay to use the word retarded like that – now I always stop others as well. I’ll be linking up to this post from my blog tonight…

  4. Found you through WOW and I’m impressed with this post. Often, people don’t understand the power of semantics- what is implied when they say “that’s retarded” or “that’s gay.” Kudos to Zach & Kari Jo for spreading this important message.

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