What Does Your Grocery Cart Say About YOU?

Bloggy buddy Jen over at Buried With Children had an awesome post this week about Grocery Store Personality Analysis.

Basically it was a humorous look at observing people in the check-out line and what their grocery cart contents say about them.
Example: Three packs of diapers and REALLYBig.Bottle.Of.Wine? =Mom of triples just trying to get through life.

Example: Four bags of lettuce, 2 blocks of cheese, a dozen eggs, with a side order of Diet Rite=Someone who’s committed to trying the Atkins Diet.

Example: 18 tubs of cake frosting and 12 cans of pet food=Batshit Crazy Cat Lady.

That got me thinking,

What would my cart say about me?


Oh yeah, I know…

My cart would probably scream “HOARDER!!”

And it would probably be because of the a$$load of 4th of July decor I bought on clearance, (and plan to “store” until next year. Hey. A person just can’t have too much red-white-and-blue in their lives, ya know?), the 8 boxes of pasta I bought cuz they were “on sale” (although we eat pasta like, once a month. If anything the boxes will make good pretend shaky-thing instruments for the kids), a box of silly straws (’cause what the heck? They are just so..so…silly) and the 4 packs of pork chops I bought on TPR (Temporary Price Reduction, a.k.a eat-asap-or-die). I obviously ignored the fact I already have 47 packs of TPR pork chops in the freezer.

“Pork, it’s what’s for dinner” (for the next 10 years).
SO…if I had a crystal ball…I be able to see myself in the future, on my cluttered couch, eating my ten-year-supply of pork, while the TV crew from the show Hoarders or Intervention navigates my packed house…..
….and plays with my 4th of July decorations.
What would your grocery cart say about YOU???

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20 thoughts on “What Does Your Grocery Cart Say About YOU?

  1. How funny..
    Gosh, My cart says That I I need to eat better LOL. We had sugar cereal, caprison, Frozen meals (hubby likes them for his lunches), spring cheese, antacid (LOL) and i bag of grapes (at least that’s what I can remember without the receipt)

  2. That’s hilarious! My cart would say that I’m trying to get my family to eat healthy but get over-ruled on cookies and ice cream (at least that’s what I make them think!).

    Great blog! I’m following you now.


  3. I love looking in people’s grocery carts and fridges. It makes me smile. We bought some turkey legs on Eat-ASAP-or-Die sale and when we went to eat them that night they were already bad. So we had…pork!


  4. thanks for the lovely chuckles!! hmm, a week ago mine would have said “maybe her kid eats healthy?” healthy stuff mixed in with a good assortment of emotional eating food! now (dental work – can only eat soups/liquids/very soft) hmm, what is she drinking? thanks for the blog! i’m here after reading about you in the dreaming cafe’s newsletter! best of luck on everything! 🙂

  5. This is hilarious!

    My cart would probably say… Hungry, tried mom of teenage boys who does’t have a clue what’s for dinner and figures if she buys enough random stuff, something will come together. At least most nights that is!

    Stopping by from SITS. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Hahah, oh I love it! I’m pretty sure I have no idea what my cart would say about me, as we tend to buy groceries about every other day, just in small amounts (our kitchen is miniscule!!). I secretly love judging other people by what’s in their cart though. 😉

  7. Following you from SITS! Great post! I try to look at what people buy but always feel weird if they catch me. I always buy too much fresh produce for the 3 of us. SOme of it always ends up going bad and getting tossed. So I could be seen as an unrealistic, big fat money waster!

  8. I play a similar game when I’m in the checkout line. I look at what the person in front of me is buying and try to put it all together as a single meal. It can be pretty hilarious! Or maybe I’m just really, really bored while waiting in line! 😉

  9. My cart would say, why does she come here 3 times a week. Planning a list and coming once every two weeks is much smarter!

  10. This post made me smile 😉
    And I have no idea what my grocery cart would say about me. I guess, I have 3 kids in diapers/pull-ups and we drink A LOT of milk.

  11. Oh this is great. I have to admit I secretly look at people’s carts to see what they are buying. On occasion it has given me some new ideas, haha. I am not sure what mine would say about me? I dont buy a lot of junk food simply for the fact that my 4 yr old would eat it the minute I walked in the door!

  12. Too funny. My cart says I am trying to eat healthy, but I have a thing for cheese sticks and giant cookies. OH WELL….:-)

  13. So funny! You and my husband should meet and discuss your hoarding. 🙂 My cart would say I eat really healthy. But it’s a sham. I only shop with my kids so I am very aware of what I’m putting in my cart. I send my husband out for junk food after the kids are asleep. It’s good to be married to a hoarder. 🙂 Stopping by from SITS.

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