Meet Me On Monday: Christmas Meme

I get such a kick out of exploring new blogs, encountering unique bloggers, and (when time allows) participating in memes. Today is one of those rare occasions where, Holy CrapPile Batman, I actually have TIME to do something fun.

Whhhhhoooaaaa Spicoli!

So off to meme land I go. OOHhhh..found a good one. This is from Java over at Never Growing Old. “Every Sunday I will post five get to know you questions that you can copy and paste into your own Monday post and we can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!!”

1. What will your Christmas dinner consist of? Well I can kinda answer that. I am going to SIL and BIL’s house Christmas Day. I can promise you there will be a tasty fruit tray and “a can of Cranberries” because that is what I have been instructed to bring. The rest? Well, it’s a crap shoot.

2. Do you watch commercials or flip through the channels? Surfer! Thus the Jeff Spicoli reference above. Aren’t I clever?

3. How long will you leave your Christmas decorations up? Well, it’s five days until Christmas and my son just pointed out we still have Thanksgiving decor up. You be the judge of that.

4. What movie makes you cry every time you watch it? Toy Story Two. The part where Jesse the Cowgirl’s owner discards her under the bed and then eventually leaves her in a box at the donation place. Gets me every time. Made me want to check under my bed for neglected toys. That was my son’s favorite movie the whole time I was P.G with our last child. It finally became a house rule to order mama to leave the room when that scene was coming.

5. Do you have a Facebook? Do I have a FACEBOOK (page)?? Heck yeah! I am a Social Media freak. Love, Love LUV Facebook. You can find me under Becky Flansburg or my side biz Lakes Area Mom Squad. Please “Like” me. Heck, please “Like” me on BOTH. It would be the best Christmas gift ever. I mainly use FB for business. I never play the lame games. Maybe that’s why it works so well for me.

Be sure and pop back over to Java’s and read some of the other fun responses to this meme. Have an empowered week everyone!!

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5 thoughts on “Meet Me On Monday: Christmas Meme

  1. Just stopping by to say howdy from
    Meet Me On Monday (Love to read the answers)
    Laurie from Grandma Sez So
    Please check out my Etsy-Blogger linky. It may or may not be of interest to you. Just spreading the word along as I happily hop.
    Funny, my 29 yr. old daughter cried watching toy story 3! I have not seen it yet or I probably would too. I do get choked up on the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdales.

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