The Motherload of Motherhood

I love those quite mornings when I can snuggle up with a cuppa-coffee and settle in for a bit of OPB (Other People’s Blogs). Today I encountered a super “slam dunk” good post from MamaBlogga. A post pretty much about the highs and lows of Motherhood. She had a few amazing quotes in there too. The kind that make you want to jump up, do a quick fistpump-in-the-air, and holla, “Frick YEAH! Here’s one:

In motherhood, we often get to experience these things side-by-side, the extremes of heaven and hell in a single day. I’ve come across several tales of this twinning lately, the manic depressive nature of the challenges of motherhood. And I know I’m not alone. Janelle at Regally Blonde recently posted about a single day where she had one of those sublime, blissful moments—and hours later, she’s wallowing in Poopageddon.

Poopegeddon. Love.It.

Motherhood is a dance. And we just keep dancing. We have no choice. I also think it helps us from falling down with exhaustion if we stand still too long.

I am currently eyeball deep in strep throat, stir crazy kids, mysterious pink stains in my tan carpet (Look Mommy! Polka Dots!) a fridge that could give-up-the-ghost at any second, and all with a side order of horrifically cold weather (30 below to be exact).

I guess if the fridge dies, I’ll just store my food outside.

So I too am dancing frantically ( “Franticmommy”..get it?). I take comfort that this too shall pass. It’s only a small speed bump in the road of parenthood. I am grateful that I am not dealing with homelessness, specialists, or biopsies. All this other stuff is…MINOR.

Last night I laid by both my kids and watched them sleep. Getting breathed on by little fruit snack breaths and snuggling up to their warm footie jammies makes all the icky, worrisome crap go away 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Motherload of Motherhood

  1. It’s the best to go in and watch them sleeping! They cannot talk back, throw anything at you, ask for anything, poop….well, I guess they can do that, but hopefully they will sleep with it till morning:) Great post, made me laugh!!

  2. Thanks for the link! I enjoy reading blogs to know that other people have polka dotted carpets too.

  3. Poopageddon. Teehee.

    It is a crazy dance. I don’t remember what it’s like to be bored; do you? Then again, I hate being bored, so it works out.

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