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Yoga Poses For The MultiTasking Mom

I love yoga.

It makes me feel good and it’s something my overweight carcass can do without out too much mortal embarrassment.

On the flip side, I hate messy houses. My house often looks like wolves live here. My two little wolf-children do a good job of reeking havoc and destruction on a regular basis. SO, being the forward-thinking-time-crunched-mama that I am, I have devised a way to marry the two.

Am I fricken smart or what?

Downward Dog:

A prefect opportunity to stretch, elongate the spine, and eyeball the carpet to decide whether you should vacuum or not.

Bharadvaja’s Twist:

Otherwise known as the Eyes-In-The-Back-Of-My-Head-What’sThatDangKidIntoNow?..pose

Upward Salute

This poses feels awesome, but will feel even more so if you have a feather duster handy. What a delightful opportunity to stretch, attack spider webs on the ceiling, and “de-fuzz-i-fy” your ceiling fan. No better time than the present.

Restorative Pose (a.k.a “Child Pose)

This is probably my favorite. It too has “double duty.” Not only is it a wonderful move, but it doubles as a “Dear God Let Me Just Sit Here Quietly for a Moment” Mommy moment…but also a perfect time to do a carpet “sniff test” and determine how soon a carpet cleaner should be called. Gross, but effective.

I know there’s a stretch I am forgetting, but finding a picture of the One-handed Kid Juggle While Cooking Supper pose is eluding me. More on that later.

I think too I have experienced this pose:

I am not sure what this chick is doing. I believe calls it a “Lion Pose.” But for me, I am certain I have this face/pose on on many occasion. Especially during cold winter months when we are all trapped in the house together. My hubby gets this look too sometimes. Usually, after I’ve been shopping, and he’s observed the balance of our checkbook. ‘Nuff said.

Do you have a “real mom’s” Yoga Pose??

*photos from Yoga Journal

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  1. Genius. Totally genius. I’m so using these the next time that I FORCE myself to do yoga. I actually love it and should do it more willingly. So this? A great idea! 🙂

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