Awards! I Got The Stylish Blogger Award! WOOT!

AWARDS TIME!! Look what I got!

And I’d like to thank my Mom for sending me Diet Tips via my son’s 8th Birthday Letter, my hairdresser for not thinking I am a cheating ho for going somewhere else for my last style and cut, and Just One Mommy for brightening my brutal uber-stressful I-think-I-may-flip-out day  mildly trying day with this surprise award.

Thanks bunches!!

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1 thought on “Awards! I Got The Stylish Blogger Award! WOOT!

  1. I am loving this new look. I’d like to think that your “uber stressful – i mean slightly trying day” was the fuel that fired the redesign of the page.

    It takes an awesomely frantic mommy to turn negative energy into fuel for positive works!

    Luv ya pal!

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