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Trapped Under Mount Washmore. Send Help Now

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I swear I live with a family of octopuses.

MESSY octopuses.

We are a family of four…and yet, by the end of the week, I have laundry baskets stacked three-high, like some sort of demented Lego tower.

Who ARE these laundry-producing-humans!

My Kingdom of TIRED has turned into the Prison Of Mount WashMore.

And socks. WTF? How many feet live here for pete’s sake.

My house is one big abandoned sock wasteland. There’s socks by the door. There’s socks by the bathroom. There’s socks in the basement.

I feel like a freakish Dr Seuss rhyme, “there’s rocks in my socks, right next to the box….crapped on by a fox…..”

It was a happy day when my daughter discovered and fell in love with Little Miss MisMatched Socks.

Now all those orphaned socks are “wearable” and “cool”.

Can they make Mr. MisMatched Shoes?? That would save my bacon Big Time. I am suspecting my Second Grader is trading his shoes for a better lunch or something.

Somebody hurry up and start a new Two Different Shoes trend.

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