May 26, My 4-Year Blog-A-versary

Wow…I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for FOUR freakin years!! 


Since the average lifespan of a blog is 3 months..that makes it like, 20 years in the real world.

If my blog and I were a Hollywood couple, we would have divorced 3 years ago, but still be “friends.”

If my blog and I were a leased vehicle, I’d be considering upgrading and paying through the nose for all the “high miles” me an my blog have wracked up.

If my blog was a 5 year old preschool girl, it would have changed it’s clothes approx. 8, 435 times….oops..8,436.

If my blog and I were a Reality Show, we’d probably have our own apparel line, be competing for prizes on other smarmy reality shows, and still milking our micro-fame for all it’s worth. But only if we paid our taxes.

 It just seems like yesterday I took the leap and tried blogging. Now, four twenty a long effin time later  I am hooked. In honor of my 4 Year Blog-A-Versary I want to share some of my favorite posts with you. Like the day my son’s school called and told us he Ate Skull. Or my Fish Escapades a The Big Icky Store, and how Curbs continue to make me look like a chump.  

Happy Blogaversary to ME. Sing it with me now…..”and mmmannyyy  morrrrreeeee” 🙂

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