Hi My Name is Fred. I Eat Shoes

Hi. I’m Freddy..

I am 15 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy.

My human family thinks I am “cute as the dickens.” Whatever that means.

I just know I get kissed and held a lot.

My Human Family named me after Fred from Scooby Doo. I guess they really like Scooby Doo.

But lately they’ve been threatening to rename me Seek And Destroy. I think it’s because I like shoes.

A lot.

My Human Family thinks they can hide their shoes from me. Who are they kidding? I know their hiding spots. Plus, all it takes is for someone to be forgetful, and I have myself a tasty treat.

What are Jimmy Choos?
My Human Mom doesn’t have any, I just like the name. Especially the “choo” part. I’ll bet they’d taste just as good as the cheapy Wal-Mart Flip-Flops I’ve dined on lately.

I just heard my Human Mom yell “the little eff-er ate my shoes again!!”

I don’t know what an “eff-er” is, but it sounds like fun

Doggy Chew Toys? Screw that. Puppy Toys are for wimps,. I need a big, beefy shoes because I am cool like that.

Plus I lick my butt.

A lot

I have a great life.

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2 thoughts on “Hi My Name is Fred. I Eat Shoes

  1. Oh he is soooo soooo cute. I have a new pup at home who friggin eats everything. If you haven’t already, try antlers…my dog loves them to chew on, they don’t smell, and keep her busy and she can’t destroy them

  2. Aw, Fred, what a charming guest post! Lay off the fam’s shoes, though. Seriously. You’re not gonna be that cute forever. Don’t mean to kill your buzz, just sayin’.

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