Tired, Tired. And Uninspired

I sit in my chair, morning cup-o-joe in hand.
Catching myself drifting off to daydream land.

I have an urgent need to post/write something down…
But my thoughts have vamoosed into the mental Lost-n-Found.

And if I check there, I’ll bet I’ll find
My missing memory & whats left of my mind

So reclaim it I will and go on my merry way
But now my body has decided to check out for the day.

A nap would be grand. A nap would be great.
Does it matter it’s the morning hour of quarter-to-eight?

So I power forward, because that’s what us women do.
Dismissing the fact I feel like a big pile of dog poo.

So much to do, my To Do List sounds a silent alarm.
But now my stomach is growling and needs some Lucky Charms.

Good Lord, how many distraction must I take?
My eyes are getting heavy, a decision I must make.

Nap or work, the decision is tough
But my “post free’ blog has simply had enough

If traffic and readers is what I must make
To keep this site alive for my sanity’s sake


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3 thoughts on “Tired, Tired. And Uninspired

  1. WendiWinn! Do you still like stuff?
    My old template was too..mature. I need childlike and goofy. I swear the rbown teddy looks like my daughter when she’s been holding her pee too long.

  2. geritol! dude.

    also. something has changed here. love the backdrop. i’m just gonna hang out a bit and poke each animal in their tummy and call out baby noise.

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