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17 iPhone Apps That Will Make You GIDDY.

Not too long ago as I was trolling around on the Internet looking for new “stuff ” to read, I came across this awesome post from Jillian from Hi, It’s Jilly.
Jilly had a great post entitled “13 iPhone Apps “iExcited” To Try Out.” 
Her list was kick-butt good and included a few of my favs like:

Instagram ::swoon:: LOVE Instagram.


Cozi: I shutter to think how much stuff/appointment would get FORGOTTEN if I didn’t have Cozi. Cozi is my BRAIN. That’s all I got to say about that.


If you want to see the other 11 iPhone apps Jilly recommends, go HERE.

NOW..I have a few of my own I want to share! #1 on my list is Fooducate. 
Fooducate is a handy bar code scanner that you take to the grocery store, scan bar codes of your groceries, and it give it a “healthiness grade” a, A+. B etc. Great way to tell which peanut butter is the healthiest and things like Margarine too. Imagine my dismay when I scanned Nutella and it got a D+. 🙁 
I remember thinking,”this HAS to be’s got Hazelnuts in it”… 😉
Another fav of mine is Dragon Dictation
If Cozi is my “To Do” list, Dragon is  a little like a secretary. If I am out-and-about and I have a flash of brilliance, I remember something I for, or need to quickly make note of info, I simple tap the “Tap To Record” button inside the Dragon app and speak. When I am done, I can send immediately to my email, Facebook, or Twitter. I have my dictation sent  to my email so it’s waiting there for me when I get home. You need to speak clearly and be aware of back ground noise and it’s not always flawless…but enough to get the job done.
The last one I will share with you is the PayPal app for iPhones
I don’t know about you, but I hate the “Doh! Do I have enough money in my account??!!” feeling when I am making off-line purchases. Very quickly I can access my PayPal account, check the balance, and go on my merry way. Boring I know, but it is a big part of my life.
The last I want to share goes hand-in-hand with using your iPhone to take pictures. Over.
 Over allows you to add text to your photos after you’ve taken them for a fun, funky appearance. They have a variety of fonts, sizes, and effects to make hella-cool images. I made this one from an Instagram photo I took at an iron mine.
corny…but I like it 🙂
I would REALLY love to know which apps YOU love. I am always on the lookout for anything that can make my busy life easier, so if you have an app that is your BFF..I’d like to know. Thanks!

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