For Sh*ts and Giggles: Halloween Fun Weekly Recap

Ooohhhh how I love this time of year.
Ghostly fun, goblin up new recipes, chuckling at creative decorating…

…all in honor of good ol Halloween.
Here’s a quickly weekly recap of all the blog posts and articles that have truly tickled my fancy. ENJOY:

Halloween Kidz has some AWESOME ideas. This one is my fav. NOTE: I would use smaller pieces of meat so people don’t ask “Bearded Clam Sandwiches?
Here’s a few more fun ones from Halloween Kidz:
 String Cheese Monster Fingers

My BFF Shannon (who is an Independent Tastefully Simple rep) shared this awesome video recipe for Yummy Mummies:

Of course no Halloween post would be complete without some Inappropriate Pumpkins from Parenting Magazine
Kids may skip this house matter HOW big the candy bars are. To view the entire Inappropriate Pumpkin Slideshow, go HERE.
What amusing Halloween articles have you seen this week?


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