Just Pretend Kids- A “TuTu Review!”


You may remember my post last week about Someone Special Is Turning 7 This Week…..

Well that “Someone Special” was our littlest fart, Sara-boo.

My Sara-boo is Princess/Diva/Drama Queen/Tomboy/Pink Power Ranger. As a result, she likes to play dress up…a LOT.

So when I was approached by Just Pretend Kids to do a review of their products I jumped at the chance. Good stuff!

Just Pretend Kids and it’s parent company, Wyla Inc. are an exception to the rule. Wyla Inc. has been designing and supplying lace, tulle, and other novelty fabric for over forty years, so they’ve learned a thing or two about producing quality fabrics that will favor your wallet and stand up to your child’s imagination. Many years ago, Wyla Inc. was asked to create a line of tutus and costumes using the fabric they supplied, which has laid the building blocks for what is now Just Pretend Kids!

There is just something whimsical and sweet about this company. I LOVE their graphics, pictures of products and images.

Just Pretend Kids

Just Pretend Kids

AND it’s doesn’t hurt that their product are wonderful too. Here’s Sara sporting her new Just Pretend Kids TuTu. Please notice the footie jammies. She is obviously a fashionista like her mother ::cough::cough::.

Just Pretend Kids


Just Pretend Kids

In a nutshell, Just Pretend Kids specializes in a children’s fantasy dress-up assortment. The 2 categories within their “Just Pretend™” collection include princess and costumes, all of which are high quality.

The care that is taken to make these items comes from years of experience, especially with the companies president having children who loved playing dress up. They have tons of accessories as well, and all made with the same high quality as their pretend play gear.

I also noticed they have other costumes as well. I saw a few that just made me squeal “KA-UTE!!!” But if you have a rugrat that likes any sort of pretend play, I highly recommend Just Pretend Kids by Wyla.

Just Pretend Kids



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17 thoughts on “Just Pretend Kids- A “TuTu Review!”

  1. As soon as I saw the word “tutu” I had to see this!!! I have a little niece who is in luv with tutus, and i had wanted to make one, but then never did. These are adorable, and the whole package make a perfect gift!!

    1. Our Sara-boo LOVES her Just Pretend Kids TuTu. Right now her giant stuffed monkey is sporting it. Double duty!

  2. These are so cute! I wish these items were available when I was little! lol Your daughter looks like she’s really enjoying herself, thank you for sharing your pics 🙂

  3. Great idea for a Christams Present for all little girls out there! I know Santa has a Great stock on these for his list! You had better be good!
    Happy Holidays,

  4. My daughter would love these! She’s 3 and she’s so obsessed with dressing up right now. One day she’s a doctor (what she was for Halloween…she picked it!) and the next day she’s a cowgirl. I love that dressing up is bringing out her cute imagination!

    1. Isn’t it cool how their little minds work? 🙂 They say pretend-play is one of the best ways for kids to learn!

  5. These are so adorable! I would love to get a few for my granddaughter!!

  6. these look fantastic, my grand-daughter would love these, she is always playing with my clothes LOLL

  7. Wow! These are really pretty! I love that it has matching accessories. A must for the dress-up box.

  8. Very fun! It’s nice that kids can have their own dress up clothes these days instead of raiding parents’ closets! 🙂

  9. thos are soooo cute , i make tutus and my daughter lovessss dress up soo much!!

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