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My Blog is My Treehouse.



I get asked…a lot…why I blog (because apparently, I talk constantly about it).

Wait, let me rephrase. I get asked a lot “so what’s the big deal about being a blogger anyway?” To which I reply (after the mock *gasp in shock* and *chest grab). What?! How can you NOT love blogging? Do you live under a rock or something?

Right about the time the look of uneasy fear enters their eyes, I remember that, in my community of 20,000, there’s like FOUR of us that blog. OK, I exaggerate. There’s at least TEN.

After 6 years of blogging, I still love answering this question. So pour yourself a cup-o-coffee and pull up a chair. What the heck. Turn off your cell and break out the fuzzy slippers. If we are going to delve into this, might as well be comfy.

The Why: After decades of people telling me to be polite, be cautious, be politically correct, be nice, say the right thing…blogging has been like taking the muzzle off and just being ME.

I am Raw. I am Real. And I like it that way. Warts and all, no excuses, no apologies, and an occasional poop story. Don’t like it? Well, that’s what Back Buttons are for.

I love the freedom. I can capitalize what I want, say “screw it” to proper punctuation, and still have a good story. There’s no Editor rejecting my story because “I don’t like your angle”  or “it doesn’t match our vision.”   I can write what I want, when I want. Me no likes to be told what to do.

Has blogging has changed my life? Oh my goodness…. HECK YES. I finally feel like I belong. I fit. I have a place (on my terms-Control Freak-I-am) to write, share, and tell my crazy stories. I love to entertain people. I love to make them laugh. Blogging enabled me to do that beyond the boundaries of my friends, family, co-workers, and community. It has helped me find my voice. My rhythm.. It has helped me define the path I want to take for the second half of my life. It has supplied me with a skill and a credibility that not many in my community have.

My Tribe! I love my Tribe. The fact I even have a “A Tribe” is mind-blowing. This misfit, misunderstood, quirky and ambitious person (me) now has a world full of new people that “get me.”  Now I know I.Am.Not.Alone. Dang that’s a great feeling.

Blogging is my Treehouse. It goes back to the “misunderstood” part of the above paragraph. Franticmommy; Queen of The Kingdom of Tired is a place I can go and just let it all hang out.

In my “day life” I need to always measure what I say, proceed with caution, and diplomacy rules. My Blog Treehouse gives me a place to laugh at myself, be crass, mouthy, snarjy, and even tell a good poop story. I can be “raw and real” without repercussions of my daily life (hopefully). Alter-ego? Maybe. A really kick-ass alter ego 🙂

Is my blog sometimes like a needy child? YEP. But I have learned ways around that. I would love someday for my kids to blog because it is such an awesome way to find their voice and grow their world.

I’m sure every blogger has a different reason for blogging. And that’s cool. There are “best practices” but really is no right or wrong way (unless you are being mean and hateful. Then that’s straight-up WRONG). It’s like if your spouse wants to take the elevator and you want to take the stairs. Neither of you is wrong. It’s just different ways to get to the same destination.
So in conclusion, I’d love to know your thoughts. Your reasons for blogging.  Tell me what’s on your mind cuz I’d love to know 🙂


Please share!

5 thoughts on “My Blog is My Treehouse.

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I love reading blogs that keep it straight forward, say what’s on their mind and never sugar-coat their words. That is a blogger I come to respect. Great post and keep it real always!

  2. I suffer from diareha (it’s ok I didn’t spell that right, correct?) of the mouth. Anything and everything just flows right out of the pie hole. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to those people saying “be nice and be polite, be politically correct, mind your “p”s and “q”s…… oh wait – I DONT WANT TO!

  3. i love this blog! 🙂 well, your entire blog and this post specifically. you know what, even as a person with a writing degree, i think it is freeing to blog. no rejection letters to wallpaper my non-house (i don’t own) with and it is a free for all. also, i like the point you made…if it weren’t for blogging and reading awesome blogs like yours out there in the world, we might be stuck in our boring old non-computer lives and not have found our tribe.:) keep blogging sister! 🙂

  4. Good for you for finishing the Back2Blogging Challenge. I only got to Day 3 and couldn’t keep up lol. Love your reasons for blogging. We don’t have to be perfect writers and that’s what I love about blogging. You can develop your own style.

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