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5 Products this Mom Never wants to be Without

1. Shout Wipes. Never fails. Spend an hour getting ready to go to work, drop kids off at daycare/school and then notice THE~STAIN. Usually on my boob too. Those darn bodacious ta-tas are just a magnet for kid-food-particles. I tip my hat to who ever invented Shout Wipes. Freakin brilliant.


2. Excedrin. I usually buy it in the Mega Pack of 800,000 tablets which lasts me about a month. I’ve heard it’s possible to be addicted to Excedrin. Sign me up and point me in the direction of the proper 12 step Program. P.S. The generic version works just as good and is a fraction of the $$!


3. Chapstick: Nothing foils a good shopping adventure than the feeling your lips are about to fall off. My dear ol Norwegian Grandfather used to tell me that he used to rub chicken poop on his lips “back in day” when they were chapped. When I questioned whether that was true, he answered in true Minnesotan; “ya betcha. It sure kept me from lickin my lips…..”


4. Wine: Wine soothes the nerves, relaxes one’s mind, should be listed as a food group, and makes family functions just a little more bearable. quotes_wine

5. An iPhone: Really people. I can’t even imagine life before iPhones. To have access to my email 24/7, have amazing apps that do everything but mow my lawn (I heard that one is in beta testing), have the ability to trick my kids into learning by adding funny and flashy counting games, and texting. Dear Lord where would I be without texting! My husband snorts “why don’t you just call people?” CALL? You don’t understand, dear. Texting so much FASTER. #IHaveCheetahFingers. My iPhone is my 5th appendage.


What product can you NOT live without??

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