Epic Blog Fail: Not Using Images on your Blog

Not too long ago I did a blog post about Whipping Your Blog Posts into Shape. Basically it was an list of ideas on how to make your blog posts look and perform their best.

One of the tips I mentioned was to use text-based images within your blog post. This is sooooo important, I thought I would take a moment to dig deeper into this subject. In my opinion, images are so critical these days, they could be a make-or-break when it comes to the success and growth of your blog. Here’s why:

Epic Blog Fail

 1.    Images Break up text. Facing a page of black-and-white text is daunting. Images can give the eye a place to rest, breaking up the flow of an otherwise monotonous page.

2.    Lead into the text. Since people look at them first, the images provide a starting point for the rest of the blog post. Good images are like flashing arrows that say, “START HERE.”

3.    They introduce the topic. Picking an appropriate, related image gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the post. For instance, a photo of a street sign that says “Bumpy Road Ahead” lets the reader know that the post is about challenges or change.

4.    Support the post content. A diagram, graphic, or other image can further illustrate the post’s content. A flow chart of a sales funnel, for instance, gives you another way to explain the concepts you’re presenting.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, you can’t afford NOT to use images in your blog posts.

Need some help creating simple (but very shareable) images like my Epic Blog Fail one above?

I’ve spent hours and hours on PicMonkey testing, experimenting and creating shareable images for blog posts and social media. I’ve rolled everything I’ve learning thusfar into one easy-to-understand (but thorough) how-to ebook, complete with over a dozen screenshots, to walk you through the process of creating your own images on PicMonkey. The result is

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great tip. I’ve been adding photos to my posts but now I see that text images are a great way to add graphics that also send a message. Also, they’re great for Pinterest and Facebook posts that link back to my blog. Can’t wait to try this out.

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