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Using Dream Boards to Prepare for the New Year

I have an AWESOME tradition for New Year planning and self-motivating that I highly recommend to others.

Oh stop. I hear you groaning. Hear me out; it sounds kind of cheesy, but it really helps you get into the best mindset, set the tone, and give you direction for accomplishing your goals for the new year.

It’s called Treasure Mapping. Some even call it Dream Boarding or Vision Boarding.

A vision/dream board is something you create that is full of pictures or sayings of things you want to bring into your life. It is about using the power of positive thinking, to bring abundance to you.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Gather ALL the newspapers/magazines etc. laying around your house and put them in a pile.
  • Go through them and cut out images or words that represent what you’d like your new year to be.
  • Look for things related to work, family life or personal interests.
  • Grab a glue stick and a 16×24 piece of card stock or posterboard and start gluing everything down in a fun, attractive, and thoughtful pattern.
  • Add embellishments: I’m a “word girl“ so I usually add color/written words/designs to the end. Even if you don’t you’ll be so surprised to see what’s in the final document.

Now – put it up on your wall so you can look at it every day!

If you are more of a “on-line” person, I would recommend Oprah‘s Free Dream Board system on It’s a fun way to create a virtual version that can be looked at daily and easily tweaked.

Hardcore iPhone user? Well “there’s an app for that” too.  Check out these apps from Google Play, iTunes, or a gorgeous one called DreamBoard.

I’ve even seen people use Pinterest Boards as their Dream Boards. Here’s one of mine.
What hopes and dreams do YOU have for 2014?
Please share!

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about dream/vision boards and think they are such a great inspirational tool. I really need to give this a try next year!!

    Visiting from SITS.

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