34 Life Quirks That I Will Teach My Eight-Year Old Daughter ASAP

34 Life Quirks That I Will Teach My Eight-Year Old Daughter ASAP

It’s tough being a girl. It’s even tougher being a girl that is a tween, a little chubby, wears glasses and one who sports a beautiful buck tooth smile. In a nutshell…my daughter is me as I was forty years ago.

Being the “chubby girl” with slightly protruding teeth and not-so-great clothes was a challenge for me four decades ago; I can’ imagine how it will be for my beloved, vivacious, independent, funny and beautiful daughter. You see, I can see all of those stellar qualities in her, but we all know people judge and kids can be cruel. I want to raise her to be strong, confident and proud of who she is. I know as her mom, it’s my job to guide, educate, nurture and mentor my little “mini-me.” 34 Life Quirks That I Will Teach My Eight-Year Old Daughter ASAP:


  1. Your brother may be the annoying sibling who “tiny parents” you constantly and hogs the Kindle, but I can assure you he has your back now, and always will. Lean on him.
  2. Dance and sing, “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen as loud and as often as you’d like. Any talented singer will tell you that you need to practice often and hone your craft.
  3. It doesn’t matter if your socks are mismatched socks and your zebra print pants clash with your polka-dotted top. As you as you feel beautiful and special, that’s all that matters.
  4. Sometimes your friends irritate you, but if they are amazing friends keep them close. You’ll need all of these powerful and like-minded women when you band together to rule the world later in life.
  5. When you grow up, never, never, never let a “significant other” dictate or control your life. Living a limited life because of a spouse, boyfriend or companion sucks.
  6. Get educated, take classes and try new things-especially if they make you nervous. Challenge yourself daily and never settle.
  7. Start healthy habits now. Eat healthy, try new foods, love the out-of-doors and get as much fresh air and sun as possible. Doing all of this now will help keep your doctor’s office visits (and need for prescriptions) to a minimum.
  8. Compliments don’t hurt or cost money-give them freely and often to other people.
  9. People are people and love is love. Be blind to the sexuality, race or culture of others. Just celebrate them as “interesting people I’d like to know.”
  10. If today was an Epic Fail, that doesn’t mean your life is an Epic Fail. Shake it off and try again tomorrow.
  11. Sweatpants, baggy undies, a floppy shirt and a good book can be your best friend on certain weekends. Chocolate and a blankie helps too.
  12. Squeeze every drop of every day out of your life. Don’t waste away in front of a laptop or be so glued to a smartphone that you miss the beauty of your surroundings (like your mother).
  13. Be a really good friend.
  14. Love your grandparents and extended family with all your heart and make time to see them often. They will be gone all too soon from your life.
  15. Try to weave the common thread of, “How can I help others?” through much of what you do in life.
  16. Read voraciously.
  17. Firmly believe that your path in life unfolds as it needs to and certain people are put in your life for a reason (good or bad.)
  18. Be honest and trustworthy always.
  19. Remember that your self-worth is not determined by a hairstyle, fashion trend, your weight or height or how much money you will make as an adult.
  20. Asking yourself the question, “Will this matter in ten years?” will work wonders on helping you sort out priorities and what to worry about.
  21. Remember being normal is overrated. Love covers a multitude of oddities. Be yourself and Own.IT.
  22. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Ever.
  23. Have a positive mentor that inspires you. Talk to them often.
  24. Bad times make the good times feel better.
  25. Laugh often. I’ve heard that suppressed giggles can sink down and expand your hips. Don’t take the chance. Let those giggles run free.
  26. Remember that everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes we never figure it out, other times it becomes abundantly clear later in life.
  27. Once you become a mom, do these three things; have lots of patience, allow tons of time and give lots of love.
  28. It’s OK to dig in the dirt, climb trees and “play soldiers.” It’s also OK to adore princess gowns, tiaras and tea parties.
  29. Be comfortable in your own skin, no matter what size you are. Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear.
  30. Don’t let your aspirations be limited by community or state.
  31. Gather memories in a keepsake box no matter how silly they seem. You’ll be glad you did later in life.
  32. Make a Master Goal List (otherwise known as a Bucket List) and actively work to check things off of it.
  33. The “Sally” who is mean and makes you SO mad in school? Learn to walk away. Learn to ignore or disconnect from unhealthy people. Where ever you go in life, there will always be “mean Sally’s.”
  34. Love your life in the moment. This is no dress rehearsal. This is the Real Deal. If something about your life sucks; change it.

What life lessons will you share with your child?

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  1. As the mom of a not-athletic, not-skinny eight year old with freckles and soon-to-go bad eyes, I read this with my heart in my mouth. Thanks. I especially like the first one. She can be soooo mean to her brother — and yet, in the long run, with family you get what you get — and thank god they got each other.

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