Celebrating Charitable Organizations That Are Saving Children’s Lives

Maybe it’s because I am a parent myself, or maybe it just because there are So many amazing organizations out there doing Good Work that benefits kids. These last few years I have supported RIF, International Book Giving day, childrens orgMulticultural Children’s Book Day and recently discovered a super cool organization called H20 for Life. But there are SO many more:

Charitable Organizations Are Saving Children’s Lives

It is difficult to watch the suffering of children, even when it is seen on television in a country far away. It seems as if there is so much needless suffering, but there is very little any one person can do to make any changes. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are many charitable organizations that help relieve the suffering of children, and they do so in a way that brings about impressive results for every dollar that is donated. The following are a few of the ways these organizations provide help to children.

Charitable organizations bring life saving medicine
Many children around the world die from sickness that is unheard of in the developed world. Much of the fatal illness can be stopped with basic medicine, and this is one of the most fundamental ways children are helped. Necessary medicine can prevent a minor ailment from developing into a life threatening condition. There are also a variety of illnesses found in third world nations that are serious from the moment a child develops it, but many of these illnesses can be treated easily in the developed world. Medical treatments for poor children around the world save many lives.

Charitable organizations provide vaccinations
Although people in the developed world take vaccinations for granted, they are often unavailable to children in poor nations. Many diseases that are unheard of in the developed world are still alive and infecting children every day in poor countries. Vaccinations save lives, and it is charitable organizations throughout the worlds that bring vaccines and doctors to the areas of need that are responsible for preventing disease.

Charitable organizations provide clean water and nutrition
A lack of clean drinking water is responsible for the spread of illness among children. In many places of the world, there is a single source of water that is used for everything, and this leads to problems that have long been forgotten in the developed world. The lack of nutritious food is also a problem that is alleviated. Although hunger is a problem in many parts of the world, even those children who get food to eat are often not getting the proper nutrition that their young bodies need.

There are many organizations that will accept your donations to help the suffering children in third world nations and in areas that have been ravaged by wars and natural disasters. One example of this type of organization is the United Nations International Emergency Fund. You can support Unicef with small or large monetary donations.

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  1. I’m glad that you’re celebrating charities, Rebecca. I think many people, myself included, forget about what they’re accomplishing. For instance, there are many charities that are involved in helping children live healthy, educated lives. They accomplish helping them in many ways, but some of the most basic ways are providing them with water and food. I’m very thankful for charities!

    Lily de Grey |

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