Reasons Why I Am Conflicted About School Ending

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In our area,  today is the last day of school for my elementary school-aged daughter and tomorrow is the last day for my Middle-Schooler.  In my mind, this milestone is a both a welcomed break, and an “oh crap” moment now that summer vacation is just a stone’s throw away.

The First School-less Week will be an exuberant. We will laugh, do crafts, work on our No Bummer Summer list, dance and go out for ice cream. The kids will relish their new found freedom, rediscover their toys and enjoy staying in their jammies All. Day.Long.

After that first week-it’s ging to be the Wild, Wild West in the Land of Frantic.

Again, I am conflicted about school ending and summer beginning in sooo many ways:

I am Glad School is Almost Over Because: I will have more time with my kids.

The Downside: I will have more time with mykids. As someone who works 100% from home, I am not looking forward to being reinstated to the Entertainment Committee and fielding a steady stream of “I’m Bored” complaints. Did I mention I am Head Referee as well?

I am Glad School is Almost Over Because: Our 7 and 10 year-olds will have more time to hang out together.

The Downside: My 9 and 12 year-old will have more time to be in the same room together. Our 9 year-old is an insane Drama Queen and Diva In Training and her fav activity is Bugging The Sh*T Out of Big Bro. I’d love to have them play together, but Daughter could give two-craps-less about Son’s Star Wars obsession or Wanna-be Ninja Skills. Like oil and water, I tell you.

I am Glad School is Almost Over Because: I won’t have to pack lunches everyday.

The Downside: I will be preparing basically that SAME LUNCH, only on a plate. And I will be present to hear them bitch about my food selections and manage their constant desire to graze.

I am Glad School is Almost Over Because: No more homework!

The Downside: Wait..let me think….NOPE. There’s NO downside to THAT.

I am Glad School is Almost Over Because: The hectic, crazy, rushed mornings with me barking out orders like a drill Sargent will be replaced by lazy mornings with a lax eating schedules. We will become the Master of the Very Early Lunch or the Brunch and dinner will be whenever we frickin please.

The Downside: Schedules can get a little too lax as we will find ourselves eating “brunch” or “very late lunch” and staying up until unspeakable late hours. Which will result in the kids sleeping in (boo-yah!) and us eating “brunch” or “very late lunch” and staying up until unspeakable late hours……

I am Glad School is Almost Over Because: The morning struggle/battle to get my daughter clothed will end.

The Downside: She will wear the same clothes for days and resemble a street urchin by early-July.


BUT…all-in-all I am happy to begin another summer of adventure with the two little human that I love the most. 🙂

You may remember my No Bummer Summer series from the last few year and we are working hard to form a plan for Part 3 of this adventure. The jist of the No Bummer Summer is that as I continue working from home, once school ends I have to accommodate two small humans into my daily work plan.

No Bummer Summer

This year my plan is to really incorporate nature and the great outdoors more. Our No Bummer Summer To Do list contains many trips to local and state museums and parks. “Outside” will be good for ALL of us this. I am taking much inspiration from The At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCirriculum and encourage other moms to do the same.

What we are trying is a creative, affordable alternative to pricey summer camp. This 8-week eCurriculum called At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum.

At Home Summer Nature Camp

This eCurriculum is packed with ideas and inspiration to keep your kids engaged and happy all summer long. In one easy-to-follow PDF, parents will receive eight kid-approved themes, each including ideas and tutorials for: outdoor activities, indoor projects, arts & crafts, recipes, field trips, books & media, and more. Every weekly theme is packed with summer nature fun our family can have right in our own backyard! Learn more, or plan your summer fun, check out the scoop here Click here to visit A Natural Nester.

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  1. This will be my first summer as a WAHM with my son home with me. I love that you “said your thoughts out loud” as I have the same thoughts myself – and he’s only home 2 days a week! I have a long list of museums and outdoor activities and hope I can shut down on those 2 days and just be mom! 🙂

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