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Rock Your Side Hustle | Cashing in on the Adult Coloring Craze

I freaking adore adult coloring. And I can tell I am not alone. From book stores to gas stations, the evidence of a colorful new pastime seems to be everywhere. The world, and even our own community has seemingly gone gaga over the new adult coloring book craze.

So what exactly are adult coloring books? Picture the black and white coloring pages that kids adore, but picture them with more intricate designs and adult topics and interests. The adult versions skip Disney characters and instead focuses on beautiful and sometimes complex designs that are created for a more mature audience’s coloring pleasure. The designs in these books can include whimsical cats, National Parks, artistic swear words, circular mandalas, exotic animals, tranquil trees, and even fantasy worlds.

Pretty much anything the mind can make up can be translated into a coloring book for grown-ups. Recent studies have also shown that structured, rhythmic endeavors such as coloring, knitting or crocheting are beneficial because they ease people into a meditative state of mind.

Another thing I have noticed is that coloring books are like potato chips; you can’t have just one.

I personally must have around 15 right now and I gravitate towards whichever one suits my mood for the moment. The simplicity of coloring pages has also lead me to realize that, if you have any creative talent at all, you can create your own coloring pages to sell! AND, you don’t have to be a publishing expert to share your adult coloring book with the world. Thanks to the self-publishing industry, it’s simple to create and publish your own coloring book.

If you want to put your book on Amazon so customers can buy it then one of the easiest ways to do that is to use Amazon KDP (formerly Createspace) to publish your book. Using KDP is sweet because ordering cases of book that rot in your garage can be completely avoided; Amazon just prints your book as soon as a customer orders a copy, reducing your financial risks.

Cashing in on the Adult Coloring Craze

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Pick A Topic

One thing you might want to do before you start creating your coloring pages is to choose a theme. As the adult coloring market continues to grow, there will be people looking for certain themes, such as animals or gardens. Still, others will look for themes like Christmas or positive affirmations. Picking a niche in the adult coloring industry will allow your work to stand out.

Create Your Designs

Most adult coloring books contain about 40 different designs. You may have difficulty selling books that don’t contain enough designs.

Another thing you want to watch for is the direction of your designs. If some of your designs are vertical while others are horizontal that will annoy some buyers. That’s why it’s best to pick one direction and use just that one.

Assemble & Upload Your Designs

Once you’ve completed your designs, it’s time to format them for CreateSpace. You’ll want to assemble your designs into a PDF. Don’t forget to include an introduction. This is the section where you can let readers know how to get in touch with you via your website or social media channels. Once you’re ready, upload your PDF to KDP.

Use the Interior Designer

At this point, it’s easy to become so excited by your progress that you get distracted. Don’t let that happen. You need to stay focused and carefully review the interior design of your coloring book. Keep in mind that if the interior looks weird or off-center that will look that way when the book goes to print. Don’t be alarmed if you find several issues you have to correct. Simply make the changes to your PDF document and upload a fresh copy to KDP.

Create a Cover

Now you’re ready to design your coloring book cover. Many publishers use a coloring image for their covers. You want to partially or completely fill in your cover so that the colors pop when potential buyers see it.

Order Proofs

Once you’ve put your book together and you’re happy with how it looks, it’s time to order proofs. Proofs are physical copies of your coloring book that are sent to you.

Try out your coloring book yourself. Are the pages high quality? Does the ink from one page bleed into another page?

If you’re not happy with your proof, go back to KDP and tweak your settings then order a fresh proof. Keep doing this until you’re happy with the final product.

Launch Your Book

Once you love your proof, login to KDP and approve your coloring book. It should appear on the Amazon website within 48 hours. If it doesn’t appear for some reason, call customer service and they’ll get it sorted out for you.

While you might be familiar with creating coloring pages, turning them into an attractive book is a different ballgame. You can outsource the creation of your coloring book or work with a coach if this is a skill you’d like to master. Have Fun!

SO, do you want to learn how to create your own adult coloring book to sell?

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