Are you made of AWESOME? (International Day of Awesome) #idoa

INternational Day of Awesome

Are you made of awesome? Of course you are!

Believe it or not, everyone has a big streak Awesomeness running through them. True, there are times when we feel (or act) LESS than stellar, but for all the days we feel we suck we have another day where we are downright EPIC.

March 10 is a International Day of Awesomeness (Yep it’s a real thing!) that celebrates the awesome that exists in each of us every day, and gives us an excuse to make our awesomeness shine.

So who thought this up? (History of the Day of Awesomeness)

Kevin Lawver spearheaded the Day of Awesomeness in August of 2007, when it was brought to his attention that his overall awesomeness needed to be celebrated by one of his interns. In true Lawver style, he announced there needed to be an International Day of Awesomeness, and proceeded to post this sentiment to twitter. True to the style of those embedded with unbelievable awesomeness, it took on a life of its own and is now a celebration of epic proportions.

Some of you may be wondering how, precisely, the date was chosen for this auspicious holiday. Well, for those who know the Patron Saint of Awesomeness, it should be no surprise that the date chosen was that of Chuck Norris. After all, there are few as awesome as this incredible martial-artist and inspiration. Not long after the inception of the holiday came the motto: “No one is perfect, but everyone can be awesome”. This is the kind of encouragement you need when your day is spinning around the drain, just remember: The truly awesome are those who take a situation that’s getting wildly out of control and turn it to their advantage.

Sooooo…..How can I Celebrate the Day of Awesomeness?

Celebrate your inner I Am Girl. My friend Lisa Van Ahn, founder of the The I AM Initiative, works tirelessly to teach girls how to protect themselves, trust who they are & what they feel so they can be positive change in the world. Her Super Powers for Every Girl Teaches FLY (First Love Yourself) and has wonderful retreats for tween and teen girls. I also love that she offers a free I Am Manifesto so you can create your own Manifesto of Awesome HERE.

I Am Initiative

Why, just be you!

Make a point to express your awesomeness and support the awesomeness of others.Walk down the street and be your awesome and incomparable self, and then make a point of recognizing the awesomeness in other people! Get together with a bunch of friends and host an awesomelympics, where you demonstrate the most phenomenal feats of awesomeness you can imagine.

Remember that treating people with kindness, serving up a smile and adding in a positive attitude = AWESOME!

Whatever you do, it’s important to remember that the heart of the day is around awesomeness, and if you aren’t having fun, you’re not being awesome! How are you going to break the bounds of awesome on the Day of Awesomeness. This day is meant to be fun and light-hearted so don’t take it too seriously. ENJOY 🙂

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