Multicultural Kids’ Book Reviewers -We need YOU #ReadYourWorld

Multicultural Kids' Book Reviewers

This is the time of year when things get super-exciting in my world!

Yes, autumn is awesome. YES, I am stoked the kids are back in school and the bugs are finally going.the.frick.away. BUT, there’s one other thing that gets me all twitterpated….

Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

As you may know, Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCCBD) is a non-profit that works with authors to get their books reviewed during our online event and also works to get free diversity children’s books into the hands of young readers. I’ve been been a part of our event for 5 years and it’s a collaboration/project I deeply value.

Planning for 2018 event is already in full swing and as a non-profit our mission is two-fold:

  1. To get free multicultural children’s books into the hands of young readers, teachers and librarians.
  2. Shine the spotlight on all of the amazing multicultural authors, illustrators and publishers that we know are out there.

The online event/holiday takes place every January 27th, but because the event falls on a Saturday this year, we are encouraging parents, teachers and librarians to “party” all week leading up to the big day (1/22-1/27/18) and we expect many classrooms will be celebrating on Friday the 26th.

And it’s also time for annual call-out for book reviewers. You don’t need a blog to review a book either. Reviews can be posted on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well!

Diverse Children’s Book Reviewers -We need you for MCCBD 2018!

In years past, we asked for reviewers to sign up to receive a free book in return for a review on their blog which they linked up on January 27th. For the second year, we are thrilled to expand our invitation for a FREE diversity book to review, along with the optional book extension activity to blog posts, to social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

In a nutshell; you don’t have to be a blogger to review multicultural children’s books for the MCBD 2018 holiday! You just need to have a love of diversity in children’s literature and be willing to share on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Just pick one of these three social media platforms that you are most comfortable on and post your review for everyone to read and enjoy there. When signing up to be one of our book reviewers simply indicate which platform(s) you plan to post your review on in the “blog URL” space on the below Google sign up form that can be found HERE.

 How it All Works: Information for our valued Reviewers During a Multicultural Children’s Book Day Event

Reviewers can sign up via a Google Sign-up and review a multicultural children’s book for this event.

Reviewers are then “matched” with an author or publisher that will supply them with a free children’s book to review. Reviewers are encouraged to read the books and share their thoughts on the book (a basic book review) in the form of a complete review post that can (optional) contain fun book-related activities that will bring the story to life.

Once their book review post is live (any time between January 1 and January 27th is good), reviewers are invited to “link up” their blog post on the Linky that will be found on any of our CoHosts’ sites and also the MCCBD website. This linky will go live on January 27th..

Reviewer sign-up for 1/27/2018 (NOTE: We will not be shipping out any books for the 2018 online event until Nov/Dec of 2017!)

Links to Know for Our Bloggers

The Multicultural Children’s Book Day website and view our booklists, reading resources and other useful multicultural information.

Multicultural Books for Kids Pinterest Board has even more reading ideas.

Watch for the #ReadYourWorld hashtag on social media and share

List of our CoHosts-

Our Facebook page

-Our Twitter


Our Instagram Account:

Our Facebook Group {please join!}:



FIRST, a giant blog tour
so that readers, parents, teachers, librarians, and caregivers can explore lots of books with diversity content via book reviews, book lists, and links.

SECOND, a giant networking event
to connect organizers, sponsors, co-hosts, bloggers, and others interested in expanding awareness of, and promotion of multicultural children’s books.

THIRD, a virtual book drive
to place multicultural books in locations where they are needed.



Following the book review, you will find information and links for the generous SPONSORS, CO-HOSTS, and PARTNERS of the MCCBD global event.

Have Questions? Email the MCCBD Project Manager at Becky (at) MulticulturalChildrensBookDay (dot)com.


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