Kidlit Picture Books with Messages of PEACE

Classic tales and favorite books are a big part of everyone’s childhood history. We can all pinpoint one or two books from our youth that were perennial favorites and often the ones we requested mom or dad read to us over and over. But I…

Ramblin’ Notes ~ Depression and the Will to Work

[guest post from author, Rue Allyn] I have been self-employed for more than ten years now. I have been manic-depressive (now known as Bi-polar Disorder) all of my life. That’s more than sixty years, so I’ve got a lot of experience with emotional highs and lows….

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Gladys Barbieri

A bilingual picture book for siblings- Monster Slayer

Monster Slayer by Gladys Barbieri I “met” Gladys over three years ago during the very first Multicultural Children’s Book Day and it’s been such am honor to watch her writing career evolve and grow. The first bilingual picture book I read of hers was Pink…