The “Co’s” in collaboration keeps my dreams moving forward

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Only a few days until school starts again. Where did summer go?

When I made a Master Plan of sending out an email newsletter every Thursday and a 2 blog posts a week, I didn’t factor in a not-on-purpose 3.5-month hiatus!

But life is like that. It moves forward too quickly and things get lost in the shuffle.

Like blog posts. 🙂

But as the delicious slowness of summer comes to an end, I still feel like my plate is overflowing with things I “should” be doing.  Business, life, projects…the Season of To Do Lists never seems to end.

But in the midst of it all, there is wonderful progress. My new-ish business,, which I co-founded with bestie Laura Radniecki, is doing super well.

Things are moving forward on the release of a children’s book I co-wrote with another bestie, BA Norrgard and I am giddy-stupid-excited for the Minnesota Wise Women’s Autumn Retreat I co-created and am co-hosting with yet another bestie, Debbie Endres.

Thank goodness for good friends and “Cos” because otherwise, only a few of my dreams would be moving forward! The take-away? If you are feeling stuck in a dream, project or goal; consider collaborating with a trusted soul. Who and what can you “co” on with someone?

But not everything I am doing is in tandem with someone else. Books and gardening have become my passion and saving grace this summer. If you follow me on Instagram you will see lots of #BooksinthePLG posts (“PLG” meaning Pretty Little Garden).

my PLG

Currently, I am slowly working my way through Battle Ready by Kelly Balarie. I say “slowly” because this amazing book on “living victoriously” cannot be “skimmed” or “plowed through.”

Battle Ready by Kelly Balarie

When my brain needs a break from self-help and wellness, I look for a good old-fashion Sci-Fi thriller book to get lost in. Series books are high on my list and both Ascension and Clandestine by Hannah Rials…

and the Pendomus Chronicles series by Carissa Andrews. Both series have kept me up way too late because I just can’t put them down!

With two teens in the house, 8 pets, a flourishing garden, a home that needs upkeep, a garden that has a mind of its own and a growing business, finding reading time is not easy. But I need to do it. I need the “me time,” the time to be still, breath and recharge. Books help me do that.

My PLG (Pretty Little Garden a.k.a Secret Reading Spot)

What good titles have you read lately?

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My Books!

Author : Valarie Budayr & Rebecca Flansburg
Publisher : Audrey Press
Book URL : Buy
The ABC’s of BookJumping: The Best of Jump Into a Book
Author : Rebecca Flansburg
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Streamlined: The Art of Minimizing Workspace Resistance
Available on Amazon and
Author : Rebecca Flansburg & B.A. Norrgard
Publisher : Audrey Press
Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg & BA Norrgard
MOM BOSSING: The Freedom to Create the Business You Love is a book filled with personal stories, resources, support, wisdom, and encouragement from a solopreneur who has been in the trenches as a mom ...Book Details
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MOM BOSSING: The Freedom to Create the Business You Love
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Author : Rebecca Flansburg
Publisher : LAMS Communications
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FREElance FREEdom:Creating the Work-From-Home Life You Crave
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  1. Hi Becky, so happy for you in your endeavors. Your talents are amazing.

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