A New Thrill For Mommy

Today I discovered a new joy.
It is the joy of hanging at a coffee shop with my ‘puter.

Until today, I had never experienced the delight of sitting by myself, on my lunch break, just typin on my computer, undisturbed. Nobody reading over my shoulder or heckling me to play SpongeBob games or visit Sesame Street to play a rousing game of “Elmo Hat” for the 40th time.

Seriously. It was pure frickin heaven.

Did you know they have plug-ins here for dorks like me who are too cheap to buy a new laptop a battery?

I didn’t.

I gained a WHOLE HOUR of computer/blogging time. That’s damn near like winning the lottery in my life. I gained a whole ‘nother 59-minutes-and-59-seconds.

Rock on.

Plus there is a HOT group of construction guys having lunch by me.


But alas, I must unplug and go back to work…

..or not…

…I think I will need to take a long lunch today. This is just too much dang fun.

I think I need to get out more.

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18 thoughts on “A New Thrill For Mommy

  1. I am one of those too lazy (or cheap) to buy a new computer battery, so I’ve never ventured to the coffee shop.

    But, now that you say they have outlets!!!! Count me in.

  2. Sounds AWESOME to me! Two of my favorite things: blogging and coffee! LOL

    BTW, just found yuo from Mimi’s blog and you are hilarious! I am your most recent follower. 😉

  3. I didn’t know this! Do you have to pay for internet access or is it just free. I thought I was being all smart and tried to do this once and I had to pay 9.99 (or something like that). And I’m cheap.

  4. Congrats on the great find. Now the important question is did you at least get to enjoy a hot beverage while doing so. I find that with children my favorite aspect of getting a few moments away is drinking a cup of coffee while it is still hot, not four hours later when it is cold and I have to wonder if the milk is bad!

  5. I did that just yesterday! free internet, free electricity, if only the coffee and food was free too. HAHAHAHAHA!

  6. I discovered this last summer but the place was so crowded I had to found another store and I did. It was heaven and the coffee wasn’t too bad either.

  7. What I meant is that cute construction guys are enough reason TO eat lunch in the coffee shop. (Just wanted to be sure I was clear on that).

  8. Great discovery! You can double your daily blogging time just by eating lunch at the coffee shop every day. Any reason why you can’t do that? Cute construction guys should be enough reason, in my opinion!

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