The Uncool Mom Goes to a Coffee Shop-The Saga Continues

As you from previous posts, I am a uncool-mom. Not that I mind. I can be hip in my Mom Jeans and Walmart sandals from three years ago, right?

I have taken uncoolness to new levels these last few weeks. I have made strides that has left me feeling like a birdie let out of a cage. The big one is….

I have infiltrated…The Coffee Shop Scene. *gasp*

How did you do it?” you may be sputtering.

I am not sure.

Even though I don’t have dreads, piercings, a Blackberry and may not always be color-co-ordinated. No one seems to mind that I am there.

I think, as long I spend money, they will let me keep coming.

I think they may be on to me though.

Catching onto my uncoolness.

I’ve caught people stealing glances at my laptop carrying case. It’s a snazzy black number. It’s my little secret that, in all reality, is not a laptop carrying case. It’s a diaper bag. Complete with formula stains on the sides. Which is pathetically amusing considering we haven’t had formula in our house for 2 years.

Thank Gawd the “Similac” logo is on the INSIDE.

Hey, any port in a storm.

I think if I tidy it up a bit and remove the paper teddy bear tag from it, I may just get away with this.

I may even start a new trend. 🙂

Please share!

15 thoughts on “The Uncool Mom Goes to a Coffee Shop-The Saga Continues

  1. Hehe. I love people who know they’re not cool and are absolutely cool with that. I love people who are real!

  2. You do NOT have a Similac logo’d laptop diaper bag with stains on it in full out public usage mode. This is frightening.

  3. You don’t need no stinkin’ computer bag!! I love being thrifty and clever…whose callin who “uncool!”

  4. You’ve been a blogging madman, er woman, just when I’ve lost my steam.
    You’ve been busy offering up your bloggy brilliance, and I’ve been steamrolled by other obligations.
    I’m behind, which is not to be confused with being an a**, but equally true.
    I’m missed so much of your wit and whimsy.
    As I play catch up I’m pausing here to comfort you.
    I saw a young man at the library with a laptop in a pink and green floral print Vera Bradley bag. I suspect he was too ashamed to go to the coffee shop.

  5. I think about starting dreads all the time… What? We weren’t talking about me? And we were barely talking about dreads?

    They’ll be happy to take your money no matter what you wear or carry your computer in. No doubt.

  6. AFter I had kids, I carried a diaper bag as a combo diaper bag/purse. And it wasn’t a cool, sophisticated one. It was mint green with a yellow duckie applique. I carried it for 3 years! Now THAT’s cool!

  7. Ah, the diaper bag. Hey, if the bag works, use it! I bet you could store a venti mochafrappacino in one of the bottle pockets and a cell phone in the soother holder! See, totally functional.

    They’re staring because you’re setting new trends. 🙂

  8. You go! I once attended a speech where the guy made a good point. He said anytime you walk into a place and are self-conscious, sure they’re staring at you, ask yourself “Are you staring at THEM?” Nope. You’re concerned about you…it’s the same with them. Most people are so involved in their own worlds, they only give other people a passing thought. I say go for it! Walk in that place with your head held high and have a good time with it.

    Stopping by from SITS. Your writing captured my attention immediately!

  9. Its nice to know I am not only one. I went back to college this week and my sis brought me a new bookbag becasue she was afraid I would try to use and old diaper bag or one of the kids spiderman backbacks. She said that was not going to happen. I got a nice bag out of it.

  10. Hey, I read a story about a girl who bought herself a new schoolbag with lots of pouches for her stuff and brought it home only to have her mom let her know it was a “diaper bag”. Diaper bags are pretty hip looking, even “similac” ones. 😉 I think you fit in just fine!! Thanks for popping by for a visit!

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