Life Lessons

If I Could LIve 2011 Over Again, I Would:

If I could live 2011 over again, this is what I would do different:

1. Worry less, play more

2. Sing more lullabies…even though my kids are past the lullaby stage. They wouldn’t have cared.

3. Read more, watch TV less.

4. Put more effort into cleaning up my effing, sh*tty language.

5. Cook more, ate out less.

6. Paid less attention to the naysayers in my life, and focuse on my cheering squad who wanted me to do well.

7. Started Christmas shopping in October instead of the week before Christmas (Doh!)

8. Walked more, sat at my computer less.

9. Left my job sooner. Now I know it would have been OK.

What would YOU have done different in 2011??

Please share!

1 thought on “If I Could LIve 2011 Over Again, I Would:

  1. Great list. In 2012 I hope to take more walks by the lake, spend more time writing books instead of articles and eat less – both out and at home! I quit my job (actually sold my business – but it’s all work!) 4 years ago and never looked back! You made a great decission. Happy New Year!

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