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Overwhelmed and Disorganized? Check out Trello

If you are a business professional, blogger, freelance writer or simply someone who wants better control of their life, you really should consider Trello.


Using Trello reduces the “who’s doing what again?” or “what is the status of this project” confusion because it gives you the information you need when you need it.  It’s always a good thing to be busy, but when your “full plate” turns into more of a plate spinning act just to keep everything straight, it’s time to explore a task management system like Trello.

Affordable As Heck: The sweet thing about Trello is not only does it get the job done…it is FREE.

Keep everyone in the Loop: Trello lets you tag tasks to team members and team members can also “Subscribe” to Boards as well. As soome as updates or changes are made to a Board or Card, those who are tagged or subscribed get email notifications

Trello Nurtures our “List Making” Desires: Trello is made up of “Boards” and each of your Boards can represent a client, event, or project. Within your Boards you have Cards and these Cards are where you list tasks or projects. These Cards also have useful options like Checklists, Notes, Attach Files and Due Dates. You can also assign these Cards( tasks) to certain members of your team and watch the progression from To Do, to Doing, to Done in real time. This Trello system is a great way to keep your clients project straight and on time and your client can also be added so they can watch their project’s progress.

Bottom line; I adore Trello and it works well with quite a few of my clients as well. Since it’s free to use, I recommend playing around with it awhile and see how you like it for business and personal projects too. If you get stuck, or would like to delve deeper into tapping into the Trello magic, check out my step-by-step Trello guide full of suggestions, how-tos and screenshots to help you get the most from this cool tool.

The bottom line is; Trello keep you on task, eliminates unhappy customers, and also helps avoid confusion. All of which results in happy clients and more $$ in your pocket. My Eliminate Overwhelm and Stay Organized with Trello is only A BUCK ($1.00) right now!

Eliminate Overwhelm with Trello

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  1. Wow! Trello does sound like an awesome tool that I’ll look into. It’s funny that I stopped here tonight because it’s been quite a long time, and part of my most recent blog post mentioned my lack of good time management! Thanks!

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