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We’re a Big Pack of Sickies {Are You Effectively Disinfecting Your Home?}

I am so tired of snot, barf, sneezing, germs and others assorted bodily functions that shall remain nameless.

Honestly, we are usually a pretty healthy bunch, but this winter (cold/flu season) is really kicking our tails. We seem to be recycling the same damn germs and it’s enough to make me want to boil my home in Lysol. It’s been a rreeaalllly long time since we’ve had these health struggles.


However, when the going gets tough; the tough get going. Here’s the scoop:

Are You Effectively Disinfecting Your Home?

A tidy home doesn’t mean everything is in its place; having a home that’s free from illness-causing bacteria and viruses is important, too. But did you know most homes, no matter how dedicated you are, are often overwhelmed by viruses from illnesses, food-borne bacteria, and microscopic organisms from daily living? Follow some of these tips for the most effective ways to keep your family healthy!

Disinfecting After an Illness

When someone in your house gets ill, generally the entire family follows suit. But when you keep coming down with recurrent infections, like strep, you might wonder if your cleaning routine is doing the trick. Start with frequently touched areas like doorknobs, the refrigerator door, and even cabinets. Use an EPA approved disinfectant and ensure you’re leaving it on the surface for the recommended amount of time. Wash bed linens and towels on hot and dry on the hottest setting available or drying them on a clothesline when the sun is shining. Don’t forget to wash throw pillows and blankets from the couch, too. Ensure you’re decontaminating where those dirty tissues were building up. Give your trashcans a spray with a disinfectant spray and put them out in the sun to dry.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen might arguably be the dirtiest (read: the most germs) room in the house. Food is an efficient bacteria breeder, and it’s important to remember that food doesn’t have to be rotten to grow bacteria. Clean spills up immediately to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The more quickly you wipe food spills up, the less likely it is bacteria will be able to establish in the first place. If you can’t live without your sponge or reusable dishrag, disinfect them frequently. A quick zap in the microwave for two minutes (wet the sponge first!) is enough to kill anything residing in your sponge. Don’t reuse dishrags; they should go in the wash on hot after every use. If you’re really particular about keeping your kitchen germ-free, consider utilizing a professional service like EnviroShield to tackle every surface in just a few minutes.

Dirtiest Places You Probably Aren’t Cleaning

Did you know your coffeepot is prime habitat for icky germs? Once a month, run a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar through to stop the growth of molds and bacteria. Your keyboards, computer mouses, and cell phones are also teeming with bacteria. Every week, give your most used electronics a swipe with a disinfectant wipe.

Your home is your safe harbor, so keep your health safe by ensuring you’re doing your due diligence in keeping it free from harmful organisms.

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