Franticmommy Turns EIGHT! A Fun Recap of my Blogging Dreams and Work-From-Home Adventures


Hard to believe it was eight years ago I created Franticmommy as a place to share my goofy parents stories.

It seems like only yesterday I was floundering around, trying to find my voice and trying to juggle parents, full-time employment and my total love for blogging. Looking back on old blog posts is a little like looking at high school pictures of yourself; awkward, embarrassing but bittersweet too. Those old blog posts, in their rough and shaky form, act as a great reminder as to how far I have come as a writer.

Technically this is not my “first post”…but close enough. I spent a few months in 2007 blogging on Blogger and ended up deleting that blog and posts (they were pretty bad) and starting fresh as

Hi everyone! Well, I’ve gone and done it! I’ve plunged headfirst into the world of on-line blogging (something I never thought I’d do!). Thanks to Lisa for encouraging me, love ya girl!

So now as I sit at my computer all set up and ready to go, all the witty stories and articles ideas I had in my head have gone vamoose! Brain fart I guess. Anyone who reads my profile can see I’ve spent the last five years up to my eyeballs in diapers, bottle, poop, fevers and cryin’. I love my kids more than anything in life. but my creative side that had been doormat for years wants OUT!

So here I is! Ready to spread my wisdom in the form of weird humor!
As parents (especially Moms) we tend to revolve our whole worlds around our kids in those early years and lose ourselves. Not that that’s bad. Your kids SHOULD be the center of the your universe, not living on the outskirts if it.

But that’s where the Mommy MoleHole comment came from. We go “underground” and lose yourselves for awhile only emerge later, blinking at the bright sunlight and thinking, “oh that’s right! There IS a world out here!” So now I am poised and ready and full of things to share…but now it’s 6 a.m and I need to stop and get ready for work. *sigh*. This dang job is ruining my groove!

The “Lisa” that encouraged me is my Aussie buddy Lisa Roderick who just so happens to be a published author now! I also ditched the “job that is ruining my groove” over three years ago for the greener pastures of WAHM-dom. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Franticmommy has grown and evolved too. It still is a place to tell my freakishly true parenting stories like Fish Emergency in the Express Lane, The School Called; Your Son Ate a Deer Skull Today, The Lettuce Chronicles and My Shopping Dream Sequence.

My Shopping Dream Sequence

Now this blog has evolved into more of a website with products, free reports and tons of info on working from home and being a freelancer. I like the new Franticmommy a lot because it helps others find their voice, courage and dreams of escaping the 9-to-5 grind and having a Life again.

Franticmommy’s button/logo has run the gamut of “make-overs” as well:
franticmommy cropped
I like the last one best 🙂 Thanks to Jenny from the Blog Maven.
Over the last eight years I have worked hard, pondered, tweaked and compiled all the work from home/blogging/freelancing experience into one tidy place. This “tidy place” just happens to be my ebook and resource guide; FREElance FREEdom -Tips & Secrets for Working from Home and Discovering Life Beyond the Cubicle!

SO for those looking for a way to earn a living from home, in an honest way, and make a living on their own terms, this ebook was created as a tool to help others navigate the sometimes slippery slopes of work-from-home freedom. A guide that shares the key facts, secrets, tips, strategies and resource to make an informed leap and discover Life Beyond the Cubicle. This eBook and resource guide has been in the making for “lots of sleeps” but I think it’s finally time to release my baby into the world.

Introducing FREElance FREEdom

Your Guide to Making the Leap to Being a Work At Home Professional

Beautiful young student woman study with tablet in park

Have you every dreamed of working from home on your own terms? Dreamed of earning a steady, and honest, income while still having plenty of time for friends and family.

Lucky for you, it is all very possible. It’s a life that I have successfully been living for over 4 years…and I can’t imagine supporting my family (and following my dreams!) any other way.

Within the pages if this robust 85+ page downloadable e-book and resource guide is the motherlode of awesome information about working from home (on your own terms) all rolled into a handy read-at-your-own pace guidebook.

Whether you are looking to pursue a career as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer (and more) this Resource Guide will provide the insight, tools, guides, advice and strategies that can apply to any freelance business. If you want the very basics of getting started without the benefit of support and coaching, this eBook is for you.


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SO here’s to EIGHT MORE glorious years of writing, blogging and sharing my zany humor with my beloved readers. If you have made the journey with me, I thank you. If you are just hopping on this Crazy Train, welcome’s going to be a fun ride 🙂

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