Roots, Wings and Feeding my Soul

Turning 50 was hard on me. Like, hot-mess-daily-ugly-cries-pity-party-for-one, hard.

But now, at 53, I can honestly say I LOVE being in my 50’s. I don’t know what or where it came from, but being 53 is rich and fulfilling. “Wisdom” is a word I proudly own and wear like a merit badge. The days go quicker and smoother and every minute (sucky or good) like I never have before. My empathy muscle is stronger and my skin is thicker.

There is great satisfaction in no longer giving a shit what others think of you 🙂

She’s learning to be spontaneous. She’s learning to take risks. And she’s constantly stepping outside her comfort zone. You see — right now, she’s just chasing the things that make her happy. She’s chasing the things that feed her soul. “

As the New Year approaches and I again tasking myself to come up with my Word of the Year. This one will be fun.

I think it was around 2015 when I noticed many of my friends picking their “Word” for the upcoming New Year. At first, I was puzzled, then I saw the infinite power and usefulness of this practice. Let me explain:

Your “Word” is the one word you pick to sum up what you want to accomplish/achieve in the upcoming or existing New Year. Pick just one word to inspire you all year. Love this idea. Simple, powerful and to-the-point.

That year, my Word was “ReFocus.” Back then my main priority was to re-focus my business efforts and grow my writing work. The following year my word was Wellspring; it was one of many words I picked that meant something to me and only me.

In 2018 my Word was Intentional. Instead of spending days frantic, frazzled, rushed by the never-ending need to keep my home and business “boat” afloat, I want to be Intentional; done on purpose; deliberate, calculated, conscious, intended, planned, meant, studied, knowing, willful, purposeful.

For 2019, my word will be ROOTS; yet another oddball word that means nothing to others, but means the world to me.

Roots to me mean getting back to the core of ME. Of what makes me tick. What makes me happiest. Growing up, we were a family of gardeners, harvesters, animal lovers, outdoorsy folk, and wildcrafters. Those parts of me have gotten lost in the hustle and daze of parenthood, trauma, loss and toxic relationships. Until now.

But the haze has cleared as I immerse myself in the delights of my 50-something-ness and the thoughts of getting back to my roots makes my heart sing. I want to dig back into the rich soil of me and rediscover the part of me that loves to garden, hike, and go barefoot.

“Are you skimming the surface of your life, or are you digging into the strong, rich material that makes you, you? “~Suzi Banks Baum

I don’t want to skim anymore. I want to be up to my eyeballs in dirt, love, and nature.

How about you? What is your Word for 2019?

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