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My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario

Any mom will tell you that, even though we love our kids to bits, there is something invigorating and empowering about shopping ALONE. Alone as in “no-kids-I-am-all-by-my-lovely-self” shopping. It’s damn near euphoric. We are better shoppers too. More savvy. More purposeful. We can actually stand, contemplate, and finish a thought thus getting the best deal on… Read More My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario


All Or Nothing Mentality

I read the BEST newsletter the other day. Now, all of those who know me, know I have very limited time to work on my hopes, dreams, and goals (and my beloved blogging)so if I am going to sit and read something, it better improve my noggin. There’s this great newsletter calledthedreamingcafe and Sandy had… Read More All Or Nothing Mentality