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What Did I Just Say?

I saw the BEST post from Nucking Futs Mama this week. Nucking Futs Nucking Futs…sorry…I just like saying that *giggle*snort*snort*ANY-WHO.. she had this great post about how, as parents, sometimes the strangest damn things come out of our mouths.Things that, when we were pre-teens and still drooling over New Kids On The Block (or in my… Read More What Did I Just Say?


Quotes Of The Week

Once again it’s time for some of the random, yet funny, stuff I heard last week. Was it a full moon?? I could swear it was. People were slightly….bat-crap-crazy. Alas, the joys of working retail. Yee-frickin-Haw. This first is a winner of the “Are You e-ffing Kidding Me?” Award and a perfect example of why… Read More Quotes Of The Week

humor, parenthood

So NOT Your Normal Herd

I am unique. Wonderfully, weirdly unique and colorful. I wear it like a badge of honor, baby. And in case you haven’t already figured it out by reading my brain lint on this blog, I typically never take the “main road” on anything in my life. I am definatly more of a blaze-my-own-trail-kinda-gal. I buck… Read More So NOT Your Normal Herd