SITS Back2Blogging Challenge-Day 3

It’s Day the Back to Blogging event! Woot! Usually I am not good at staying on task for more than a day-and-a-half so for me to make it to DAY 3 deserves a big HELLYEAH!

Today we are supposed to highlight post titles we are particularly proud of.

OOhhhhhhhh, I like this one. Weird titles is a favorite of mine (insert chortle and maniacal handing wringing here)
The SITS Girls want to know if I have “created a title that was incredibly funny, creative, or sentimental?”

Creative and Funny? Yupper Do Poopy Doo.

Sentimental? Not so much.

Oh me, oh my. Were to begin? I’d like to begin my uber Narcissistic personality disorder deep contemplation here.

FAV #1 The walls of my inner dork shine true on this one. The Word Verification People Are Stalking Me

FAV# 2. The Forgotten Art Of Curb Rolling. Just cuz I drive like crap and was ok with letting the world know.

FAV#3. A true story, and just a sampling of the Three Ring Circus I call LIFE:The School Called. Your Kids Ate Part of a Skull Today.

Pop over to The SITS Girls and read more!

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2 thoughts on “SITS Back2Blogging Challenge-Day 3

  1. You certainly have a gift for humor. It just rolls off you. 🙂 I can imagine how much fun you’d be in person. Thanks for sharing those great titles. The skull one has me a little concerned, though. Is everything okay? 🙂

  2. HA! Oh my gosh – you do have some crazy post titles! I can hardly wait to track back and take a peek at the posts they belong to! 😉

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