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This is MY Year to do Things-BECAUSE I CAN {Guest Post by Shannon Janco}

Guest Post from my BFF…Shannon Janco

Shannon Janco

For me, 2015 will be known as the year of, “Because I Can” and this promise of an action-packed year is already under way. This will be MY year of firsts, bucket list checkoff, and jumping on opportunities is happening.

I think the “ah-ha” moment hit me late last year when  remembered that in this coming June  will  be turning 50. Yes, the Big Five-O.  I decided this milestone would be one that I would celebrate, embrace and make super memorable. For the past few years , I am the first to admit I had been in a bad place in my personal life. I was truly unable to physically and mentally be happy. This year is different. I’m in a better place. Relocating, steady income, divorce final and I’m tired of watching everyone around me LIVING life.

Time to take ACTION….BECAUSE I CANI have so many amazing friends here that have helped me find my old self and that have shared this journey with me. Thanks to them and my deep-seated determination…..I Promise Myself That I Will:

Not spend one more day on the sidelines. I want to play in this life game.

Let the world to know the “rockstar” that I know I am.

Inspire others to feel their inner “FIERCE.”

Say yes to opportunity and not hiding under a blanket in my house.

Look forward to 2015 and stop looking back.
Be a good friend.
Not smother sorrows in chips and cheese and countless hours of watching TV-those things do nothing to inspire me.
 Shannon Janco
I have to give a healthy dose of credit to my new Leonie Dawson 2015 Create Your Shining Year Life + Biz planner and I plan to be able to believe some of the statements in the planner. So many women give up or lose themselves.
This, I will not do this ….BECAUSE I CAN.

My BECAUSE I CAN Bucket List

I’m going camping…in a tent!

I’m super excited to march in the St Paul St Patrick’s Day parade!!! BECAUSE I CAN!

I’ve always wanted to throw paint…if I can find a place to do that I will or I’ll paint a canvas and display it on my wall.

I’m doing a Polar Plunge in March. I’ve always been inspired by people who do it but I was always self-conscious about my weight. Really… did I turn such a cool experience for a great cause into something about me. My t-shirt will say, “49 1/2 and FABULOUS!”

Going to take a sushi making class. Sushi to me, is like ART.

I’m going to Florida this year and  I want to do a clam bake on the beach with a friend.

I want to take a ride in a helicopter.

Rent a convertible and take a weekend back roads trips.

Go to the children’s museum and be a child. Explore it all.

Participate in a Feed my Starving Children event.

Buy funky eye glasses and pitch all the practical shoes in my closet.

Try a patio garden (part of my gluten-free clean eating program).

That’s only 12 of the 100 things on my list.

What will YOU do this year…BECAUSE YOU CAN?

Please share!

4 thoughts on “This is MY Year to do Things-BECAUSE I CAN {Guest Post by Shannon Janco}

  1. Shannon,
    I really enjoyed reading your Because I Can list – I look forward to hearing about everything you did in 2015 Because you could!

  2. You go girrrrl! So happy for you, and to see the transformation in you is inspiring!

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