Fighting off Frumpy

  It dawned on me as I looked in the mirror last Saturday that I had let myself slide…a lot. I have lots of excuses (none of them valid) about being too busy, no money, who-cares-I’m-a-Mom….but the bottom line is, there are plowed fields better looking than me right now. I am not sure at… Read More Fighting off Frumpy


Five Freebie Friday

It’s Five Freebie Friday! What’s that? Well, everyone loves Friday, everyone loves Freebies and 5 just makes the alliteration fun so why not!?! If you like freebies, Thaleia from Something 2 Offer and Honey from Honey’s Life  will be sharing their Favorite 5 Freebies and also offering a linky. Ebooks, printables, planners, you name it. If… Read More Five Freebie Friday

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Why My Life Needs a Bouncer

Hi. I’m Franticmmy and  I’m a Serial “Yes Girl”…… I don’t think you need to be a parent to feel the crunch of lack-o-time these days. Normal every day life paired with the constant requests from outside sources equal not enough hours in the day. The problem is…I’m a Puss. Pushover. Softy. Wimp. I like people.… Read More Why My Life Needs a Bouncer