Discovery Horse of Brainerd

Story Scraps: Sara Sherman from Discovery Horse

It was almost 2 years ago that I have the chance to interview Sara Sherman from Discovery Horse and her family as part of a Featured Family Cover Story for Lakes Area Living Magazine in 2016! Here’s the super-cool info/tidbits/details that didn’t make it into…

Anti-Adulting Days
One Word 2018

My One Word-The 2018 Edition

A few years ago, I noticed many of my friends picking their “Word” for the upcoming New Year. At first I was puzzled, then I saw the infinite power and usefulness of this practice. Let me explain: Your “One Word” is the one word you…

The 5 Things I like About Me Challenge

The 5 Things I like About Me Challenge

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of being part of a photo shoot for a new collaborative parenting site called Up North Parent. To say this was a fun day would be an understatement, especially for someone (me) who typically avoids the camera like…

Live Your Life Like The Starfish Story

A man is taking a solitary walk on the beach and notices the beach is littered with starfish; starfish which have washed ashore and which need water to survive. He also notices a little boy frantically running from beach starfish to beach starfish, picking each…

Gifts that Fight HUman Trafficking

Beautiful Gifts that Fight to End Human Trafficking

According to UNICEF, Women reinvest 80 percent of their income into their families, while men invest only 30 to 40 percent. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children estimated that 1 in 6 endangered runaways reported to them were likely sex trafficking victims as of 2016….

My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario

My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario

Any mom will tell you that, even though we love our kids to bits, there is something invigorating and empowering about shopping ALONE. Alone as in “no-kids-I-am-all-by-my-lovely-self” shopping. It’s damn near euphoric. We are better shoppers too. More savvy. More purposeful. We can actually stand, contemplate,…

New therapy relieves debilitating heel pain | Platelet-rich plasma therapy from Essentia Health
Just let them be Little

Play, Play…Play All Day | Just let them be Little

Play, Play…Play All Day As adults, the word “play” is usually connected to something we do after the kids are raised and we are nestling into our Golden Years. “Play” is also something we look forward to doing after a long week of working hard…

What You Need to Know about the #Activate4Autism Movement

Guest post from Jodi Murphy of Geek Club Books The #Activate4Autism Movement The world knows about autism but they don’t really understand it. A unique nonprofit called Geek Club Books makes it their mission to engage and educate the public about autism—to replace stereotypes and…

Multicultural Picture Books that Empower Girls